Three Nights of Forever in Tokyo


After a heart break, Kwon Yuri went for a vacation in Tokyo to start anew.  The beautiful busy city is a good place for her to forget the harsh past she had endured and she could start anew when she was away from the people she already knew.  There, she met Jung Yunho, the mysterious guy who was also from Korea, and Ryo Nishikido, a hot Japanese guy who fell in love with her at first sight.  Fate must really hate her for she keeps bumping into these unwanted guys.  She soon found herself spending her vacation with these guys who slowly turned her life around.  

It is a story of three unlike people who found comfort in each other.  It is a story of friendship, happiness and love.  It is a story of the short memories worth reminiscing for the rest of your life.  It is the story of Kwon Yuri and her Three Nights of Forever in Tokyo.

Happiness is found even in unlikely places with unlikely people.   


Hello everyone!  I have another story and I included a new character to my usual favorites: Ryo Nishikido.  He is my recent digs and I felt like including him.  And no, this story wasn't cooked up because he was Japanese and the story incidentally's setting is in Tokyo.  I had a certain someone in mind when I was pltting the story then, came Ryo Nishikido with his y eyes and boom!  

This story is so meaningful.  It's the first time that I am having another character from a far away fandom and I am experimenting if I can play with his character.  It's like exploring an unknown cave for me.  Even my poster!  I swear I didn't know a single thing in Photoshop a few days ago and now, I made a PS'ed poster! Yay!

I wanted to put this up on Yuri's birthday and I am so excited already!

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Happy Birthday, Kwon Yuri!


She was about to climb up the taxi but suddenly stopped.  She looked back and took a long last look at the hotel she stayed in for the last three days.  A lot of things happened.

She smiled.  Tokyo will always have a big part of her life now.  She has changed.  And she was thankful for the two guys she thought she'd never get along with.

She finally got inside the taxi that would take her to Narita Airport.  She's coming back to Korea a new person.


Meanwhile in two different sides of Tokyo, two guys are reading similar letter from the same woman.

I might not be inTokyo anymore when you would be reading this, thinking how much you two would drink later.  Yes, I'll be back in Korea and no, I will not give any of you my address.  It is better this way.  Spending time with you has been such big eye opener for me.  

Thank you for bringing me out of my comfort zone.  Thank you for letting me experience the things I thought I'd never be able to do.  Thank you for staying out late in the night with me and talk to me til dawn in some unknown Tokyo street.  We might not see each other again but I will always remember you.  If we ever to meet again, maybe it would be destiny like what Ryo said.

PS You, two, at drinking!


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rasha_mega #1
Chapter 2: you know what? i thought that you forgot to continou this story, and suprisingly you update!!! and i am beyond happy to read this....i hope your next chapter wont be long couse i am waiting @[email protected]
Chapter 1: <3 I love this story already! <3
I'm glad you're back! :)
please update soon :)
thanks :)
F1e_4pple #4
Chapter 1: They met?
wonder what the next is :)
OMG it's true. I didn't put Ryo with YunRi too because I ship Ryo/Yuri, I just needed a Japanese character and at first, I chose Jin Akanishi but I changed my mind at the middle of the 1st chapter because I think I like Ryo more. I used to be a fan of News, Kanjani8 (not sure of the number anymore lolol) and Kat-tun but now I don't even remember how their songs sound like :O I'll read this ^_^
BlackPearl_Goddess #6
please update...! i'm curious to read more YunRi moments... ^^
FolderName #7
like the intro ~~ update soon
paraluman #8
as usual... i love your story even the story is yet to unfold! im uber excited! update all your fanfics!
I like the first chapter. Nice intro with the Yoona and Minho marriage. I can't wait 'till she gets to Japan and meet both of them! :D
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i subscribe so you better update. NOW!!!!!<br />
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take your time dear,,,hwaiting!!! :DD