The Imaginary One

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Nothing is safe anymore. Even sleeping. (Watch trailer)




Nothing is safe anymore, even sleeping while one wanders in her dreams, the one without a face. A face she wants to see but when she does, one has to kill her.
x x x
You won't see it coming.
Not even in your dreams.



the imaginary one
Unstoppable footsteps from a teenage girl’s short heels distracted her group of friends who were in a circle at the end of the corridor. No one could take the grin off her face. She couldn’t wait to tell them what she had drawn.

“Guys!” Eunji exclaimed with eager eyes, slightly trying to catch her breath. She was waiting for her friends to ask her ‘what’ or ‘why’, but failed. But it didn’t spoil her excitement, and continued, “I finally saw the face of the guy in my dreams!” She, then, handed her sketch to her friends.

They all looked at the sketch at the same time. Eunji only received compliments.

“Wow, I love your drawing, Eunji!”
“You never fail to impress us.”
“Wow he’s handsome. Oh, my god.”

Rather than being flattered, Eunji was disappointed. Her friends only saw what was present, not the deep meaning behind it. She didn’t even receive any thoughts about the dream man she saw. All she could do was to pretend that she appreciated the compliments.

The bell rang, all students went back to their respective classrooms. However, Eunji’s mind was somewhere else, she couldn’t stop thinking about the man she didn't even know in her dreams. She had a pleasant sleep last night, her dream was so good, she couldn’t stop thinking about them. If she could just sleep longer without the interruption of her alarm clock, she would and she'd be happier.

“Jongin, you know what to do.”
“Yes, godfather.”

Eunji finally got home from school, with the mystery man still clinging to her thoughts. She’s on her bed, ready to sleep, hoping she could see him in her dreams again. She had never been this excited to sleep.

It was a peaceful night for everyone.

But not for Eunji.

An unsettling feeling woke Eunji’s mother up. She grabbed her robe and ran for Eunji’s room. The disturbance woke her husband up, so he followed his wife. She immediately turned the lights on, and felt a sudden relief after seeing her daughter was sleeping peacefully.

Eunji’s mother was about to turn the lights off until she noticed her daughter was too still, too stiff from her position.

Eunji died in her sleep.

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The imaginary one

Characters: Kim Jongin, Park Nayeon (OC)
&: Kim Jongdae, Luhan, Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun
Genre(s): romance, drama, supernatural, thriller, slice of life, ginger
Warnings(s): Mature content somewhere in there
Inspiration(s): Algebra haha
Published and abandoned in Jan 2016;
Restarted on Sept 21 2019, Completed on Sept 21 2020
Some comments are raised with SPOILER WARNINGS; a sign of courtesy from the readers and me, however, it may still contain heavy spoilers otherwise. Read comments with caution. Please enjoy. BUT if you do see a spoiler, I still think it won't spoil your reading experience. So, please, enjoy!
This is not horror. But also not for the faint-hearted.
Big big credits to my lovely very very nice beta reader, Zoe (Ninfea1), she's an ESL teacher and a reader of this story. And I'm so humbled that she offered her help to make this story readable. Loljk. But yes, she's amazing! And thank you for believing in this story. She edits this story remotely so she's not my co-author but check out her works! - Stalk
I hope you take a leap of faith with this! Feel free to call me Jae :) Also, if you have criticisms, don't hesitate to leave them! Just do it without rudeness, and I'll be fine. I like criticisms.
"A point for creativity and proficiency"
St-renaissance from Rainy Day Cafe Review Shop

"A story that keeps the reader thinking about it as the plot progresses
/ A great narrative"

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Original story by JaeKnight (c) 2016 & 2019-2020
No plagiarizing. No alterations.



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