Inefficient Managers & Awkward Co-Workers


In which Taemin is awkward, Jongin is extremely attractive, and Chanyeol shouldn't be managing a grocery store.


This is literally my first fanfic ever and I'm a little embarassed because isn't fanfic more of a mid-teens thing?? yet here i am, 20 years old, writing this

I'm also a little nervous posting this because I'm unsure of how well written it is but I had a lot of fun writing it and I feel like that's what's really important.

One of my best friends works at a grocery store chain and almost every single conversation I have with her somehow circles back to her work and how much she (and the other employees) dislike working there. That was my inspiration for this story, hahaha. Even though I've never personally worked at one, I hope to have painted a slightly accurate picture ;;; but maybe not idk who knows

Please leave comments, I want to be able to grow as a writer and I'll only be able to do that with your feedback!

Have a nice day!

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Chapter 1: I loved everything about this! (Also don't feel bad bout being 20 n writing fanfics, that is practically me....)
Fakkof96 #2
Chapter 1: date? *cough cough*
omg chanyeol is being ridiculous and such just lol
leviackerman0125 #3
Chapter 1: OMG. I really liked your characterizations in this story. :D I wish there was a sequel where Chanyeol actually got sued. LOL.
Chapter 1: The final part is really cute, *~* I love it! it's kind of a shame that ended in the best moment. I wish there was more of them together ! Thanks for sharing ^^
starkey #6
Chapter 1: Tae is so painfully awkward that I cringed most of the time. Be's still cute though and I really like this fics... thumbs up!!
Chapter 1: aW ;;;;
listen omg im cryin g when tao was like get this- kris had been fired omfg
ur fueling my feelings here and thE END WAS SO CUTE OK
Shelly22112 #8
Chapter 1: I really liked this but PLEASE make a short-ish continuation!!! PLEASE!!! It can't be over yet!
Shelly22112 #9
I'm excited for this! It sounds amusing