troublemaker ★


when I look into your eyes, I'm a

t r o u b l e m a k e r .

when I stand next to you, I'm a

t r o u b l e m a k e r .


troublemaker ★

the troublemaker.

I can't help myself.


main characters:


you / Kim ~~~~~:

- 21 years old
- sweet and innocent girl
- has a big crush on janghyunseung, member of beast.
- sister of kimhyuna, who is a member of 4minute.


- 24 years old
- a good friend of yours
- member of beast
- in a sub-unit troublemaker with kimhyuna.


- 23 years old
- your elder sister
- likes to make you jealous
- has a crush on a mysterious person, unknown to everyone.
- member of 4minute
- in a sub-unit troublemaker with janghyunseung.


(?)mysterious character:

- hehehe I won't reveal anything because he's supposed to be Hyuna's mysterious crush~ his name and stuff will be revealed in the story though (:


( there are other characters too, but I won't emphasize much, these 4 are the main characters (: )

Yoo Jirae:

- your best friend in high school

Nam Woohyun:

- your crush in high school (note: only high school, lol)


A/N regarding characters: yes I know that HyunA is only 19/20 and Hyunseung is 22/23 but heh the ages are purely fictional, okay? ^^; actually the ages don't really matter, LOL.

any resemblance to any other fanfic is purely coincidental.

hi everyone! ^^

this is my first fanfic :D but I'm really afraid I'll be inconsistent or get writer's block or lose my inspiration halfway T__T

this fanfic is inspired by the TroubleMaker's debut song, Trouble Maker :D
HYUNA AND HYUNSEUNG WERE REALLY HOT IN THERE, DON'T YOU AGREE? 8D I've been replaying the whole album over and over again, it's simply too addictive! ^o^ HyunA's voice is mesmerizing *__* I think 2hyun is really cute! n___n I rather they kiss in the mv, LOL xD

please forgive me if I make any mistakes or do not update frequently! >< it's my first fanfic after all ><

comments and feedback are welcome ~

poster credits to kimxbb @ Corrupted Mind

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Chapter 27: update juseyo~
NicoleHyunA #2
Chapter 27: update pls!
cloverb2st #3
Chapter 27: update!:)
I miss this story!
Yay omg you updated :'DD so happy yay <3
[deactivated] #6
yeah..yeah.. Drama! ^^ i keep checking ur ff troublemaker since i read it last month.. I thought u nvr update anymore.. I so happy that u update ff again! ^^ ... update soon ur ff..
mishiel_14 #7
it's fine.,, :))) !!!
mishiel_14 #8
oooh!!!! NO PROBLEM!!!! im a very big fan of Kim Hyuna ♥ !!! :))
wahhh you finally updated!! :D owh i see protective hyunseung ahahaha~ update soon^~^
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comment make author-nim happy ^^ update soon :)