The Crimson War

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Ever wonder what it would be like if your period was a person? 

Seulbi doesn't need to mark the days on her calender, she doesn't  need to keep track of her 28 day cycle because when that time of the month comes...oh she knows

Because every month an idiot named Byun Baekhyun would appear and hang around for 7 days.

"He's a real pain in the but at least I know I'm not pregnant...right?"

Yeah right, thanks mother nature. 



"Mm...five more minutes."

"Seulbi, the last time I woke you up in time you were lucky enough to find the flag of Japan on your undies...if you don't wake up'll be the flag of China!" 

Seulbi's eyes shot open. I know that voice. She sprang up in bed, wide eyed to see Baekhyun laying there.

"Morning boo, guess who came to visit?" 

She gawked. "YOU'RE EARLY!"

"hA! I know! The chick before you finished real fast, she sorta kicked me out."

Seulbi gasped. "I have a date with Sehun later!" 

Baekhyun snorted. " that little black dress you were gonna wear because honey you're gonna bloat and eat eVERYTHING IN THE FRIDGE."


[a/n]: haha here's a short comedy fic :) 

inspired by this video I watched on youtube titled "If your period was a person", the entire time I was like what if my period was a person? And for some reason, I imagined an overly sassy Baekhyun dressed in red ting on me for 7 days straight lol 

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