I hate you (love you)


 Sehun is a normal high school student, a wild beast that can't be controlled.

Kai is a merciless mafia leader, all he needs is an interesting toy to play with.



"Let me go!"

"Listen to me and I'll treat you like a princess, princess."



"I ing hate you."



"Bad dog."



Let me explain....it's suppose to be an M rate but I can't write it..(due to several reasons)

So,I'll make the ...//ehemm//..scene to make it readable enough..(I don't think so) for you guys.

So,enjoy the ride~

I'm sorry for late update..I accidentaly delete the next chapter T.T..and I need to rewrite it again...the full chapter...huhu..I'm sorry

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Arinka98 #1
Chapter 12: Waiting for your update ;)
Are you still looking for a beta-reader?
why__me #3
Chapter 12: Huuuhuu i thought this ff is gone T^T but i was wrong! When i saw its upadated im very happy omg thank you authornim for start updating againn i really love ur storyy ~♡
ViqueentaKim #4
Chapter 11: Man! I have a big soft spot for cute cute Taehyungie !!!
Ugh , is there anyone died ??
emmaemma2510 #5
wow please update ! i really want to know what will happen next :)
MomoEXO #6
Sehun cutecutecute super cute! Please update author-nim!
why__me #7
Chapter 11: NoNoNOOO!!! WHAT HAPPEN?!?!?! Pls i dont want a bad thing happen to anyoneee.. huhuHUHU ;^;
Hedyeh #8
Chapter 11: Oh my god...what happened???
Please update it soooooon :`(
Looking forward to the next chapter ^^ thank youuy
why__me #9
Chapter 10: Oh My God!! thats was soo sekshi ;3 i love it, update soon author~~ ill be waiting.