Puppy Love


Baekhyun, an employee at the small dog café in front of subway entrance 4 meets Chanyeol, a doglover who keeps visiting, eventhough he suffers from pet hair allergy.






Baekhyun likes people.

It’s very probably one of the main reasons he was chosen as the employee of the week for the past month.

He is an outgoing person, always smiling at the customers, never failing to lure a small smile out of them in return.

But sometimes Baekhyun thinks he likes dogs a little more than people.


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Puppy Love

by yukulicious


It has been more than 8 months since I last uploaded or updated anything here and I don't really have an excuse,

other than the writer's block that kicked in again and well, life happened and university stress. I'm still super sorry about the lack of updates, especially after I talked so big about the updating schedule for ANDROMEDA that I wanted to stick to...

After literally not writing anything for more than 6 month I started this oneshot as a kind of exercise -

heck, I wasn't even sure if I was actually still able to write at all.

I promise not to abandon ANDROMEDA but at the same time I can't promise when I will be able to resume to work on it.

I hope you will like smaller projects that I will try to work on to stay active too and show them some love.

I want to dedicate Puppy Love to one of my friends, sharoooney, who kinda inspired me to write #baekyeol in a Dog Café - and also because I still couldn't work on the fanfiction I promised to write for her. I hope you like it, sunshine


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Anastasia9984 #1
Chapter 1: Aww~ cute :)
teaffani #3
yehet_pcy #4
Chapter 1: THIS IS SO CUTE AND FLUFFY AND HEART WARMING AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! firstly it's so cute how even though chanyeol was well aware of his allergies he still went to the cafe. and it was so obvious he wouldnt just go there for the dogs. AND WHEN I FOUND OUT ABOUT THAT STORY OF HIM RUNNING INTO A POLE BECAUSE HE COULDNT STOP LOOKIG AT BAEKHYUN THE FIRST TIME HE SAW HIM SMILING. this is just the most ridiculously cute thing ever. those times at the picnic blanket when baekhyun would watch chanyeol and ketchup playing around that was really cute too. AND I HAVE TO POINT OUT THAT MY MOST FAVORITE THING EVER IN THIS ENTIRE FIC WAS THAT PART WHEN CHANYEOL WAS CRYING ABOUT WORRYING HIS MOTHER AND BEING AFRAID HE HAD TO STOP SEEING KETCHUP AND BAEKHYUN AND BAEKHYUN ASKED HIM OUT AKWARDLY AND IT ENDED IN A HUG AND CHANYEOL KISSED HIM ON THE TEMPLE. THAT WAS IT FOR ME I FELL IN LOVE. CHANBAEK AS PUPPY LOVERS IS JUST >>>>>>>
thanks for writing and sharing!
Chapter 1: That was totally adorable! The poster itself already made me squeal, and the story... oh my, the story really made my day. Thank you so much. ^^
This was such a sweet story, Yuku! And chanyeol was so completely smitten with Baek and Baek why are you so clueless about his crush?! It's a good thing Jongin outed Chanyeol by accident so that chanbaek could finally confess to each other ^^ The slow burn romance was really sweet though - how Baek slowly developed feelings for chanyeol and the way chanyeol braved the dog allergies just so he could see Baek. And of course the dogs! It was just precious. A very lovely, fluffy tale of two people falling in love! Thank you for sharing ♡
Chapter 1: omg this was so cute ;; like srly, my heart ached because of so much fluff - positivly speaking ♥ thank you so much for this awesome story author-nim ;;
puppyvirus #8
Chapter 1: skfhdgfkdhdjkl this is so cute i died of the fluff;;;; i rly found it so sweet whenever yeol would clumsily kiss baek on his temple im skdhdkfhfjkl i like how awkward he is when he was abt to confess to b lol so cute puppy yeol and from puppy brothers to puppy lovers sobs thank u so much for this pls write more baekyeol;; more power and happy new year to u! ♡
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 1: I spent the best time of my life while reading this nice story. Good job.
e_x_hoe #10
this is so sweet dog café chanbaek is brilliant, thank you!!!