Nothing Lasts Forever


Friendship. Family. Love. As we struggle through life, we often look for all these aspects, hoping that they'll last forever. Often times, finding them is hard enough. But once we've found them, do any of these things ever last? Maybe yes, maybe not. Perhaps, nothing really lasts forever.


In a land where an emperor exists, the emperor rules all. He rules all his land, all his money, and unfortunately, rules all his wives. The emperor has a full harem of concubines, but in order to survive the jealousy, hatred, evil schemes and possible death in the harem, every wife must vie to become the king’s favorite. By becoming the king’s favorite wife, that wife will be safe --not forever, but safe nonetheless. The other wives will still be jealous, but will not dare hurt the favored concubine.


Hwang Miyoung. Youthful, beautiful, talented ---with a pinch of innocence and naivety. Hwang Miyoung must enter the palace and take part in the kingdom’s concubine choosing. To most, being a part of the royal family is a blessing. But to Miyoung? It will be nothing but a nuisance and perhaps, even a curse.

True love. True love is a beautiful dream. True love is hardly tangible, especially in the king’s harem. It’s a dream that every fair maiden wants to achieve, but to achieve it within the palace? Not a chance. Especially not when a bunch of women are fighting for the same man. True love may not ever be achievable within the palace walls. UNLESS...someone unexpected comes along.   
Hello everyone! This will be a new TaeNy fic for all to read! :D
for people who like to use Wordpress, I have will also be posting and updating this story on that platform as well!


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Chapter 2: Jjang!!!! *thumbs up*
But why did Tiffany get chosen....? :'(
And who's the King? I'm super curious right now.
Update soon! And hwaiting !