That New Cutie


How would you call a being with big brown doll eyes, pouty lips, fluffy light brown hair and a cute face? Changjo calls it a 'Cutie' 



Choi Jonghyun or mostly know as Changjo

Age 17

Known to very quiet but also very violent when angered

Changjo ran away from an orphanage and was found by Cap and L.joe

Changjo doesn't like to be the center of attention so he sometimes would wear a hoodie to hide himself

He likes to dance and hopes to become a professional dancer one day 




Yoo Changhyun a.k.a Ricky

Age: 17 (younger than changjo)

People sometime assume Ricky is younger than he look due to his cute face and childish behaviors

He is very shy at first but he live eventually open up and become the wildest thing 

Some of his hobbies are dancing and acting cute (is that even a hobbies?)

He like to eat a lot and call himself 'Piggy'

He is very close to Chunji



Bang Minsoo mostly known as Cap

Age: 19

Cap appearances throw off many people, due to his tattoos and tough looks but his personalty is like a sloth. Very slow but cute 

He hate to do things that are unnecessary to him 

In his free time he likes to compose and draw 

Has a possessive problem and is a sleep addict  



Ahn Daniel aka Niel

Age: 17 (older then Changjo)

Looks harmless but could be the reason why you died

He likes to mess around and cause trouble

Can't be left alone

He's loud... super loud



Lee Byunghyun mostly known as L.joe

Age: 18

L.joe is a short but aggressive person

He doesn't like being called short but if someone do call him short he will chase after them

Will do anything to please Chunji

Likes to annoyed people for the hell of it 



Lee Chanhee aka Chunji

Age: 18 (older than L.joe)

People thinks he resembles a chipmunk

If things don't go the way he wants it, he'll explodes

He lives with Cap and L.joe along with Niel so he cooks for them or they'll burn the house down

Likes to cherish cute things, objects or people 


I'm sorry

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girafa #1
I like it! Wanna read more
saiminxiumon #2
Well... It's ok. Goodluck on the story Author-Nims ^^
A pencil??
saiminxiumon #4
I'm Confused about the Flashback.. Like chango and ricky know each other 5 years ago?? Like whaattt??
marioo #5
Omo i think it must be their parents..can wait for next chapter..please update soon.XD.
PotatoLife #6
Ooh it must be their parents
Can't wait for the next chapter ^^
chunjoekyuwook #7
i really want chunjoe can't you write at least 1 chapter with them? :)
marioo #8
Ricky ah...why u so smart just for candy.XD.Please update soon.
saiminxiumon #9
Omg! XD ricky-ah being too smart for a candy xD OMG!

Oh and author nim~~ make it longer pweaaasseee xD
Oh my god!I accidently unsubscribed and was waiting like an idiot T^T im so sorry