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This is where the crack begins, ladies and gentlemen...

I'm sure some of you have heard of Round Robin Poems.

It's where one person starts off the poem, and passes it to another person, who writes another line. It continues like that until the poem is done.

However, this is a story version!

So, I will give you a prompt and a main character, and the readers will comment one after another to create a crackfic, comedy, romance (whatever it turns out to be) story. (NO RATED H SENTENCES, PLEASE)

After a few days have passed, I shall wrap up the story based on what you guys wrote, and post it as a chapter. Then, I'll give you a new prompt.



Every few days or so, I shall have a prompt up, which should look similiar to this:

          PROMPT:  "There was a piece of moldy bread."   Main Character - Taemin (Or whoever I pick)


One person will comment a second sentence, the next person will comment a third sentence basing it off of the second sentence. If it doesn't make sense to you, it could go like this.


          PROMPT 1 :    There was a piece of moldy bread.  MC - Taemin

          Commenter 1:  The piece of moldy bread lurked on Taemin's table.

          Commenter 2: Unfortunately, Taemin did not notice the mold on the bread, and accidently took a mouthful of the moldy bread.


.... etc.




prompt 1      ~      the result          ft. super junior  

prompt 2      ~      the result          ft. shinee

prompt 3      ~      the result          ft. big bang 

prompt 4      ~      the result          ft. infinite

prompt 5      ~      the result             ft. B2st

prompt 6      ~      the result            ft. boyfriend

prompt 7      ~       the result            ft. snsd

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Chapter 13: Seohyun looked out the window, thinking about her lover, who was a seagull, she named after her ex-boyfriend Onew.
Chapter 2: lol.extraordinarily superbly heenimly heechul lol xD
Lilkik #3
Chapter 6: Wwwwwwwoooooooowwwww it's fantastic lol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Chapter 6: What the hell? X)
The best and most random piece of crack I've ever read.

LOL. Maybe she can fall in love with a potato.
honeypeachies #6
Aaah, why didn't this long-ago update show up in my subscriptions?? .__.
I'll be looking forward!! :)
[deactivated] #7
umm....if the snsd prompt is finished, could you do b1a4 and apink? sorry just asking!!! :p
[deactivated] #8
this is such a cool idea~:)
baekyeols #9
When is Seohyun's story gonna be up? Dx
Shinee story was funny :D