Chances are...

"Now turn your hand-outs on page 5, there can see how to properly sketch a head..." As the teacher meticulously outlined the techniques for sketching human faces, Naeun struggled to maintain her focus. The room felt overly warm and the constant drone of the lecture only added to her sense of confinement. Today, more than ever, she felt trapped in an endless cycle of monotony. She glanced at the clock, mentally counting down the hours until she could escape. It's only been the second period and she was already ready to go home. 'Five more hours of this, and I can go home,' she silently lamented, as she returned her focus to her class, following the instruction of her teacher, before looking out of the window again. At one point of her college life she had questioned this course, her chosen course.

Despite her passion for art, the doubts instilled by her relatives sometimes crept in, questioning the practicality of a Fine Arts degree. Only her mother stood as a pillar of encouragement, believing wholeheartedly in Naeun’s choice. It was her love for creating—whether drawing in silence or painting in vibrant colors—that kept her grounded, even though the cleanup was never pleasant.

The teacher’s sharp voice brought Naeun’s attention snapping back to the present. “If we’re trying to convey deeper emotions through our artwork, what shape should we use for the background?” She scanned the room with a stern gaze, "A show of hands please?" she asked again, raising several hands from her students. Her eyes scanned the room, stopping as she noticed Naeun looking out the window. “Miss Naeun, perhaps you can enlighten us?”

Caught off guard, Naeun stumbled over her words. "Uh... a circle, maybe?" she guessed, a half-assed answer that made her teacher sigh for real. She just can't seem to focus today.

“Please focus on the lecture, not the scenery outside,” the professor chided, her tone cold and unamused. She quickly moved on to another student who provided the correct answer.

Naeun exhaled quietly, relieved yet embarrassed.As the class droned on, her thoughts drifted back to her recent date with Taem. His warm smile and easygoing nature had been a welcome distraction from her usual routine. She smiled to herself, recalling the way he had made her laugh with his quirky jokes. 

Finally, the bell rang, signaling the end of the period. Naeun packed her sketchbook and pencils into her bag and made her way to the cafeteria. where Dannie was already waiting, her bright brown hair a stark contrast against the dull surroundings.

“Naeun! Over here!” Dannie shouted, waving her over enthusiastically.

“Hey,” Naeun greeted, sinking into the chair opposite her friend.

"Got your favorite—spaghetti and meatballs. You look like you need it," Dannie said, sliding the tray toward Naeun.

Laughing, Naeun thanked her. "You're a lifesaver. Seriously."

Dannie's eyes twinkled with curiosity. "So? How was the date with Taemin? Details!"

Naeun blushed slightly, recalling the day. “It was really nice. We went skateboarding. Kind of unusual, but it was a lot of fun and he was super sweet,” she shared, her voice warming with the memory.

"That sounds amazing! I'm so happy for you," Dannie said, her eyes sparkling with genuine excitement. "You deserve someone who makes you feel that way."

"Thanks," Naeun replied, feeling a warm glow in her chest. "But enough about me. How's your project coming along?"

Dannie groaned dramatically. "Don't even get me started. I've been working on this sculpture for weeks, and it's still not right. Professor Kim keeps telling me to 'find the emotion in the clay.' Whatever that means."

Laughing, Naeun encouraged her, “You’ll crack it. You always manage to make your art come alive. Just give it time.”

As they talked, the frustration of the morning dissipated. They shared stories, planned their weekend, and by the end of lunch, Naeun felt reinvigorated and ready to tackle her afternoon classes.

“Let’s visit the new art exhibit downtown this Saturday,” Dannie suggested. “It’ll be fun and maybe just the inspiration we need.”

“That sounds perfect,” Naeun agreed, a smile brightening her face.

Refreshed by the break and their plans, Naeun approached her next class with a renewed sense of purpose. Walking home later, she was buoyed by the thought of their weekend adventure and a quiet evening of sketching before bed.

Settling into her evening, Naeun texted Taemin.

Naeun: Hey Taem, you free to chat?

Taem: Always free for you :) How’s your day been?

With her day ending on a high note and the promise of engaging projects ahead, Naeun felt assured in her path. Despite the challenges, she knew her passion for art and the support of friends like Dannie would guide her through.

Taem lounged on the worn couch in his room, strumming his guitar absently. He'd spent the day working at the local music shop, helping customers find the right instruments and occasionally giving impromptu lessons. It wasn't a bad gig, but it was far from what his parents had envisioned for him. They'd wanted him to go to college, to follow a more traditional path, but Taem had always marched to the beat of his own drum.

He glanced at his phone, wondering how Naeun's day had been. She was probably still at school, sketching or daydreaming in class. He smiled at the thought. Naeun was so passionate about her art, and he admired that about her. She had a quiet strength that he found inspiring.

His phone buzzed, and he saw a text from Naeun.

Naeun: Hey Taem, you free to chat?

Taem quickly replied.

Taem: Always free for you :) How's your day been?

He waited a moment, then his phone buzzed again.

Naeun: It's been a long day. Classes were boring, and I couldn't focus at all.

Taem: Sorry to hear that. Anything in particular on your mind?

Naeun: Just a lot of doubts, I guess. About my course, my future. You know how it is.

Taem: Yeah, I get it. But remember why you started this. You're an amazing artist, Naeun. Don't let a rough day make you forget that.

Naeun's response took a few moments, and Taem imagined her sitting in her dorm room, fingers hovering over the screen as she thought about what to say.

Naeun: Thanks, Taem. That means a lot. How was your day?

Taem: Not bad. Helped a kid pick out his first guitar. Reminded me of when I got mine. Good times.

Naeun: That sounds nice. I wish I could have been there.

Taem: We should hang out soon. Maybe this weekend? Dannie and you have any plans?

Naeun: Actually, we're going to an art exhibit downtown. You should come with us!

Taem: Sounds like a plan. I'd love to see what inspires you.

Naeun: I'd like that too. It'll be fun.

Taem: Definitely. And hey, anytime you need a distraction or just want to talk, I'm here.

Naeun: Thanks, Taem. You're the best.

Taem: Just telling the truth ;) Get some rest tonight, okay? You deserve it.

Naeun: I will. Goodnight, Taem.

Taem: Goodnight, Naeun. Sweet dreams.

Taem set his phone down, a satisfied smile playing on his lips. He knew Naeun struggled with self-doubt, but he also knew how talented and driven she was. He was determined to be there for her, to support her in any way he could. She deserved all the success in the world, and he'd be there to cheer her on every step of the way.

With thoughts of Naeun in his mind, Taem picked up his guitar again and began to play, the soft melodies filling his room as the night wore on.

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