Chances are...

Why is it so hard to live?

Why did he even leave us?

Was I not a good boy?

Am I not enough?

Why is it that every time I try to love someone wholeheartedly, I fail?

Why is it that every time I try to be genuinely happy, something goes terribly wrong?

Questions I ask every step of the day, questions that always linger in my mind...

Taem sighed and wiped a single tear from his eye as his daydream was cut off by the sound of his phone. The phone had been ringing nonstop. Even though he loved his ringtone, it made him scowl. With a sour face, he answered, "What?" he sneered and lay on his bed. "I don't want to go out tonight. Can I not be alone for just two seconds?"

The person on the other line answered, "Hey! We're waiting for you here! Get your up!"

"But I don't wanna..." he groaned back.

"Give me a break, hyung. It's just for a while," the guy answered back. "It's my birthday, and hey, there'll be girls here! You might find someone to swing your head!" he chuckled.

"Fine, fine... Don't expect me to be there quick. I need to get ready," he answered back as he closed his phone, groaning as he stood up from his bed. He'd rather stay at home tonight and dance in the kitchen while drunk. "God, that kid!" he exclaimed as he rummaged through his closet looking for clothes to wear. He mumbled curses and grunts as he chose and picked his clothes. Once he chose them, he curled his hair slightly to give it a little bounce as he walked towards his mirror near the bed.

Taem stared at his body in the mirror, smiling softly, then smirking as his eyes ran over his reflection. Taem was fine... fine being an understatement; he was actually charming. He had snow-white hair, deep dark eyes, a soft and innocent face, broad shoulders, toned biceps and triceps, perfect six-pack abs formed due to his exercising, a very tempting V-line, lean thighs, and slender legs. It just doesn't feel right anymore. When am I going to be happy? He sighed again as he put on his see-through shirt, tied his hair, then placed his signature spiky earrings. He wore his jogger pants along with his matching Draven shoes. Lastly, he wore his bonnet and then went out of his room.

Taem intentionally left his phone in his room; he now hated the sound of his own ringtone and would be easily irritated by its vibration. He placed his hands in his pockets as he walked down the pavement. He looked up at the sky, spying only a few stars. Kai's house was just a few blocks from his, a five-minute walk give or take. Still, he sighed, "Damn this... why does it have to be so far?"

Walking down the street, Taem's mind drifted to the music store where he worked. Music had always been his refuge, a place where he could lose himself and forget about his troubles. He had a knack for playing the guitar, and sometimes he'd stay late after work, strumming his favorite songs or composing new ones. The guitar was his confidant, the one thing that never let him down.

Taem stifled a laugh as he entered the gate, chuckling as he stared at the grand house. It never failed to amuse him every time he came to the place. But he never expected it to be BRIGHT. AS. THE. ING. SUN. There were lights outside, different fairy lights strung on the walls, multicolored disco balls on the lamp post, and huge spotlights pointing at the main archway of the door. He suppressed a laugh, smirking as he passed a drunk guy passed out in the front yard near the fountain, two guys smoking while leaning against the multi-lighted walls, and a small girl in lace leading a guy towards the back. He entered the house, only to find it looking like a nightclub inside. He smirked as he moved forward, taking a drink from a walking waiter, then proceeded to walk towards a magnificent staircase. A huge leather couch sat below it, where his best friend Kai was sitting in the middle with girls on both sides. Taem smirked as he approached the couch. "You called and left no room for me?" he shook his head lightly as he flashed a smile at the girl near the end of the couch. The girl smiled softly as she scooted over to make space for him.

Kai, removing his hands from the shoulders of the girls, clapped slowly. "Thank the gods you're here! You made sure you put your makeup on right?" He said with a sneer as he placed his hands back on the shoulders of the girls.

"Why? Haven't you heard of the term fashionably late?" Taem replied with a smirk as he wrapped an arm around the shoulder of the girl. The latter scooted over towards Taem. "Lah! My eyes need to be perfect before I go anywhere." He then pointed to his eyes. "These babies are my ticket to heaven," he said as he sipped from his drink.

The brunette beside Kai spoke up. "I heard so much about you, cutie..." she said, smiling sweetly before leaning over to Kai. "I'm Dannie, Kai's side-chick," she said with a chuckle.

"My main chick, as I would say," Kai said, laughing lightly before kissing the brunette on the head. "By the way, hyung... I'd like you to meet someone, so you won't skulk at the bar till someone approaches you." Kai laughed as he removed his arm from the girl on his right. "She's my cousin and schoolmate."

Taem smiled and looked at the girl, "Hey-..." He was stunned before he was able to speak. The girl looked absolutely radiant. She wasn't y beautiful; she looked more like fragile beautiful, sporting a denim jacket over a white hoodie, skater skirt, fishnets crossing her legs, finishing with black skater shoes. He then woke up from his stupor, flashing one of his flirty smiles, "Hey, Taemin's the name..." holding out his hand towards the girl.

The black-haired girl took his hand and shook it lightly. "Uhh... H-hi..." she said with a small taut voice, but her eyes sparkled with curiosity and a hint of mischief.

Taem chuckled lightly, relaxing his posture and smile. "Why is it the first time I see you here? Are you new around here?"

Naeun nodded, a small, confident smile forming on her lips. "Yes, I just moved here from Osaka. I'm still getting used to the city."

"Lah, chillax, I'll be your for the night..." His eyes twinkled as he sat properly. "Sorry, I didn't catch your name?" He said as he sipped from his drink.

"Naeun... but my friends call me Eun," she smiled shyly, slowly looking up and facing the brown-eyed boy. "I'm from Osaka, but I'm a full-fledged Korean!" Her cheeks turned a light pink as she spoke, but there was a determination in her voice.

Taem chuckled then pinched her cheeks. "You're cute when you're nervous..." He smiled as he felt the girl loosen up around him. "What brings you to Seoul, Eun?"

"I'm here for school. My parents thought it would be a good idea for me to get in touch with my roots," she said, her voice growing more confident. "Plus, I've always wanted to experience the city life here."

"Seoul is quite the place to experience," Taem replied, intrigued. "Do you have any favorite spots so far?"

"Not yet, but I'm hoping to find some," she said with a small laugh. "Maybe you can show me around sometime?"

"I'd be happy to," Taem said, his smile widening. "There's a lot to see, and I know some great spots for music and good food."

Naeun's eyes lit up at the mention of music. "Oh, I love music! Do you play any instruments?"

"I do," Taem said, feeling a connection forming. "I play the guitar. I actually work at a music store. It's my second home."

"That's amazing!" Naeun exclaimed, her excitement palpable. "I'd love to hear you play sometime."

"I'd love that too," Taem said, feeling a warmth spread through him. "How about we start with a drink?"

Naeun nodded eagerly, and Taem led her away from the couch to the bar area, leaving Dannie and Kai some privacy. The night went on quickly as anyone would have expected. Taemin felt light. Their whole conversation was full of giggles and laughter, and he did not feel the need to dance as his mind was already dancing as they talked. He told her about his love for the guitar, how he worked at a music store, and how strumming the strings helped him forget his worries. Naeun shared her own stories, revealing a passion for art and a love for exploring new places. The night ended with an exchange of numbers and a short, sweet kiss; a score and bonus for Taem.

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