One Roof Tale


One Roof

"You taught me how to love but not to stop.  "

Kim Nayeon finally graduated in high school, being a top student in their batch made her passed easily to Seoul University, a very high standard and up class school that only the rich and the desrving scholars could avail. Because of her hardwork, smart mind and ofc, skills she was able to enter her new school. It was this year's school opening, she's one of the freshmen students who gonna enter the new environment that awaits her. But for Nayeon, it is not only the school that is new to her but also the place where she would consider as her new home. A new place that she thought she would enjoy but then rather keeps her tremendous past which she would face soon. 

Park Chanyeol on the other hand is the school's basketball mvp, he is very athletic and balances his hobbies, talents and academics very well. with all his competitions, he still manages to be in the top list of the class. He will be enrolling as a junior student at this year, having the course of medicine. He may have a great autobiography but then he still locks and never let anyone reveal his real self. 

December, the last month of the year. Christmas break for everyone but it is not for these two. For the'r worlds have clashed together, memories unfold together. Hand in hand with the new spices that would add mixtures to their whirlwind trail towards there true pathway towards destiny. 

"It may only be a house for some, but it would always be our treasure box. We keep here our precious jewels and share secrets that no one can ever retold again. never." 

A story of a girl who just wanted to continue on with her life and a boy who loves to do what his hearts desire. What if this two meet and open up something that would both surprise their midst. Also, living in the same roof together with a pack of men who is considered as flower boys in school but then again, reality speaks.
They are the troublemakers. 

A story written by: Winterzee 
122015. No plagiarism please. 


main characters; 
Name. Bae Irene as Kim Nayeon 

Age. 17 yrs. old. 

Info. Originally lives in Jeju Island together with her parents but due to the far transpo and the urge to be very independent, they all decided to let Nayeon live in Seoul. 
Name. Park Chanyeol 

Age. 19 yrs. old 

Info. He may act as innocent as he could but for everyone's information, he loves the unexpected turns. 
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