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Baekhyun and Chanyeol came to see the most important movie of the (decade) year.


Wrote this after I finished watching the movie! God I am such a sappy Star Wars fan. Also, loosely inspired by their music video for Lightsaber. You don't necessarily need to be into Star Wars to appreciate it though, it's just pure BaekYeol fluff. 

I hope you enjoy the story and please don't forget to leave comments!

*Wrote this as an entry for EXOplosion Writing Contest, you should check it out!




A/N: A week after I wrote this, I watched that Gayo Daejukchae video of SuBaekYeol, and that's just when I learned that Suho is a Star Wars fan! Kinda made me guilty that he wasn't the hero of this fic, but anyway, BaekYeol is super fun to write just the same. Suho is such a precious nerd hahaha

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