Kagerou (Heat Haze)

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Story of a Kpop fanatic college student and a cold member of a rock band.

What will happen if the two cross their path...


Hello Minna-san!!!

Its been a long time. I've been in HIATUS for decade.

Gomen!!! 90 deg bow for abandoning my first story its just that my mind isn't working anymore and my inspiration have long gone.

This is my second try , I hope you will like it.

Just bear with me and my grammar....


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ramAppler27 #1
Chapter 13: Huhu i failed to watch their show, i really hope they come back here in the Philippines for another concert
Chapter 1: Been searching for new ff to read and I came across this one.... Authornim fighting!!
ftmncls #3
authornim fighting!! I adore dara unnie and this is the first time I've read this pairing so here's to hoping that more people notice this adorable pairing yay :)
bunny08 #4
Nice story authornim! :) This is really late but I went to OOR's concert in Manila and they were awesome :D And Toru's handsome. I can picture Dara with him. Taka x Dara will be cute too though :) Hope you'll update soon!
tinxxi #5
Chapter 18: This is supposed to be Dara x JJY authornim:'( I love their chemistry and you really can tell that they can build a good relationship! Fighting authornim!!! Thank you for the update!!!
leslie0780 #6
Chapter 18: Please give jooyoung a chance with dara again...i like their relationship....tnx 4 the update!!!
Chapter 1: Authornim..can u make a DaraXNishijima Takahiro fanfic?? About idolife?? I really love Nishi♥♥♥
harumachan #8
Chapter 14: authornim!!!! i saw oneokrock here in manila huhuhuhu taka's voice is heaven ㅠ.ㅠ
ShaiRa1009 #9
Chapter 14: whaaaa aww poor jooniee well that's life tysm for update
carlaxxii #10
Chapter 14: Fighting authornim! Until next update :)