Blood Love



The tall girl stared at the beautiful sleeping face of the girl in front of her. It was the most beautiful face that she had ever seen. She wanted to plant a kiss on the girl’s lips, but she could not. She has something else to do. She closed in, standing over the girl, but stopping suddenly. No. I can’t do this. How.. How can I harm this beautiful girl? I.. I can’t.. Just then, her head starts to hurt. She dropped to the ground, clutching on to her own head, wanting the pain to stop. But it refuses to. It is getting more and more painful. She could not bear it anymore. She screamed. A high pitch sound was heard. The sleeping girl wakes up immediately to that, and saw the tall girl rolling on the floor of her bedroom, in pain.
“W.. who are you?” she asked, but gets no reply. Worried, she got out of her bed and approached the girl. Suddenly, the girl bares her sharp fangs and pounced on her, moving closer and closer to her neck. NO! I have to stop! I can’t do this! She forced herself to move away from the girl, who was obviously shocked.
“Are.. are you okay?” The girl tries to get close again.
“St.. stay away! I.. I don’t want to hurt you..” The tall girl stayed in the corner of the room. It has been almost a week since she had eaten a proper meal and the effects of that are showing up one by one. But she really did not wish to harm this girl. This innocent-looking and beautiful girl. In order to prevent doing any harm to the girl, she forced herself to stand up and soon, she was out of the window.


Quite a twist in the middle..

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Chapter 9: Sad ending T~T
Omo... daebak!
Chapter 9: Love this story!
sterlingpaper #4

i wonder why it is love blood!! gonna read this!!
SNSDforever #5
One word and that's fantastic I loved your story I wish I could write like u
nurul_pka #6
why ur story so sad? It make me cry ~
Aigoo! why are you SOOOO GREAT!?
_ninx_ #8
that's why i love this story..coz it's sad..haha (i love sad stories..)<br />
You evil author!!!ur so great that i wanna pinch ur cheeks..hehehe...<br />
joke...just wanna say that ur one of the good authors here in AFF..congrats..(bows down)
_ninx_ #10
WOW!!! this story is so awesome... SooNa<3<br />
i know it's kinda sad in the end..but still they got to be together forever..