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After a disastrous incident at the beginning of her second year as a high school student, Lee Gain’s mundane and peaceful high school life took a one-eighty turn; from being the student that people wouldn’t take second glances over, she became the number one enemy of every student in the school. All because of her distasteful and insensitive comment that, in Gain’s opinion, was blown out of proportion.


This recent incident had brought some spotlight on other issues regarding her high school performance as well—her extremely poor attendance, bad grades in some classes, and absence in extracurricular activities. For some reason, the school administration thought that it would be a good idea to throw her into a group of problem children, and, in their words, ‘make her learn how to work with others’.


That was how she ended up being the manager of a never-before-heard school band that consisted of five members, with a particularly aggravating vocalist-slash-bassist named Do Kyungsoo.


Gain had never encountered anyone who had ever made her back down (apart from the school administration, but that was a different case), and Kyungsoo might be the very first person to make her do the exact thing.


“Okay, next,” Pink Hair said, and as he was looking around to find the next person to do the introduction, his eyes landed on someone. “Kyungsoo?”


The said person was sitting on a stool with his legs hanging slightly in the air. His hair was coloured in the shade of deep red, with the hair at the side looking significantly thinner than the one at the top. His jacket was of a gray one, with dark stains covering several spots and threads loose on the hems.


“Do Kyungsoo,” he said, and there was a pause. He looked into my eyes, and I looked back into his. He didn’t budge, and so did I. Then, there was a change in the look in his eyes—it was looking empty back then, but it became fiery. Somehow, I could feel the indifference, but the feelings were mutual. “Vocalist and bassist.”



    Do Kyungsoo          Lee Gain      


Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable.

“You linger in my head, your one word that stings,
Can’t spit it out, it’s unlike me” – Kim Taeyeon, Stress

Reboot. This is where we start again.

author's note

i’m back after more than three years, and this time, with a revamped version of reboot! there have been many instances where i was tempted to delete the whole story and never look at it again, but i have so many fond memories related to this fic (i first worked with my close aff friend on this fic, and i treasure that period)


this story is tagged with romcom and comedy but tbh i really don’t know whether i have the ability to be comedic? gain, the main character herself, isn’t a very comedic person and i doubt that she finds many situations funny. at most, she’d feel that they are ridiculous that it was impossible to take them as a joke. but i will try anyway.


this story is going to be updated once in a while, when i feel like it. while waiting for the updates, you may check for my other kyungsoo x oc stories by clicking here. i’m extremely biased and most of fics have him starring in them, and i don’t regret it at all because he deserves more love on aff.

anyway, this story is not based on real korean high school system. in fact, it deviates a lot from the real system. i have done my research and i honestly think that the plot won’t work very well with it. i’m deeply sorry if any of you are offended by this.


please don’t plagiarize/copy, translate, repost etc. any part of my work without permission unless it’s for review purpose. every character and setting in this story is fictional unless stated otherwise, and if there are real people and settings used, they are used fictitiously and have no correlation with the real version of them.

you may contact me through curious cat and send me questions/messages.

thank you for your support and interest. please don’t forget to leave this story an upvote if you enjoyed it.




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status: ongoing

chapter 2 is going to be posted on 21st January 2019!

[Reboot] hi, i've posted the first chapter of the revamped version of this fic! thank you for your support and patience for all these years :') i hope that the first chapter doesn't disappoint you too much


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Nicole121314 387 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 1: Kyungsoo stare is the best Gain ok hehehe
Nicole121314 387 streak 0 points #2
Just subscribed... think im gonna like this
1 points #3

hey... i put your fics in my favorite kyungsoo x oc fics list.. i hope you don't mind and not forget about this fics... =)
SPM? so its mean you're from malaysia? i hope you doing well,saw you're fics got recommend in here
can't wait to read,
and comedy?! hehe in what part authornim.. oopps,, or maybe in the upcoming chapters I think..
i must say that Gain really is a bully and she really has no knowledge about it, too close minded too,. in the first chap i thought she was just being mis-judge but i was truly mistaken she really has it.. I dont know maybe she is that way because of some issue with her parents I think.. and for Ksoo well he has it too, who in his right mind have the audacity to steal a class record,. I think those 2 really needs some help. but well yeah although those two has some issues, sad to say its sometimes happen in real life too, the important thing is what will happen and what lessons the story it will gave the readers in the end.. and i should finish my rant here, i truly like your stories by the way..
[deactivated] 30 streak #8
yay! I've caught up!

okay, damn just when I'm warming up to her, she turns around does something unnecessarily mean. I suppose, at least her character is really consistent! For obvious reasons, I still don't like Gain all that much but I see that there's so much room for character development that I'm actually excited to see how everything unfolds! I definitely think she'll start changing (hopefully for the better) eventually, for now, I'll enjoy her quips and cringe every time she snaps at someone lol. also, it's still interesting that she really has no remorse over what she said to that girl, and that she thinks she's in right - I wonder how her perspective will change by the end of this fic hmmm

as for kyungsoo, he's definitely still a bit of a mystery to me. I think he and Gain have an interesting dynamic tho! I'm definitely looking forward to reading more!
[deactivated] 30 streak #9
oh, well, there seems to be SOME development between Gain and Kyungsoo. Obviously, they're not best friends but that's expected since both of them are so blunt and stubborn that I think it'll definitely take a long time for them to warm up to each other. Although, I do think there's a SLIGHT change there. I really really like Sooyoung, she's really interesting and adds a cool vibe to every chapter that she's in and still loving the fact that Gain is a part of the occult club, even if isn't based on an interest in the subject lol
[deactivated] 30 streak #10
Jeez, Gain really is harsh! I mean I think that all her points about Kyungsoo's singing were valid and if he listens, it'll probably improve his singing but damn, she certainly doesn't sugarcoat it! Kyungsoo seems more... open? Well, not open but more reachable I guess, from a readers perspective at least. I feel like I have a greater grasp of his character and personality now! And that last scene with her father really broke my heart :( she's really mean and has a very unhealthy relationship with her dad and I really hope they fix that later on.
on a brighter note, I really do like her brother and their bickering moments!