A Devil's Love [REVAMP]

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Welcome to the roller coaster ride with Kai, Krystal and Sehun.  A story about three people who were living a normal life until they were handed an extremely cruel fate.

So the main question is whether even with the past within each one of them, will there be something to hold them together or will all of them be left broken in the end ?





After the footsteps couldn't be heard, Kai harshly pushed away the dumbfounded girl, without any emotion. Just then the lightening crashed upon, glistening their faces under the glowing moonlight, making them stare so deep right on eachother's face.

Breaking the silence, Kai spoke, “The weather is exactly same right? ” 

Krystal scoffed, “Yes exactly same like the day I hate."

The latter smriked "Dont worry, the hatred is mutual."

As he turned around to leave, the vision in front of him started becoming blurrier but still he couldn't stand the sight of the girl and he starting walking but he collasped unconcsiously right there.



NOTE TO THE OLD READERS:  A Devil's Love was originally published on Dec 11,2015. But we decided to make some changes in the stoyline so we are currently under revamp. But we are sure that our lovely readers will support and encourage us. We also have tried to improve our writing style and add some more details in the story. If you have read this story before revamp, you will definitely notice the changes. We really wanted to improve this fiction so we took the decision of revamping though our editing skill is not that good as that compared to thoes professional writers.So we would humbly like to appologize if there is any kind of grammatical errors our story. Since,we can't promise you about our updates to be very fast, but we'll make sure to update as much as we can. Lastly we do not own any of the quotes used in this fiction, so credits goes out to the rightful owner.


Poster and background credits to —❊ fairvoyance graphics。 










Apologies to our dear subscribers cause as you can see, we are going for a revamp and there will be no updates any soon T.T

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 1: am really enjoying this so far~
ikrystal #2
Wow I really like this kind of story.. How you describe all the situation is perfect.. I can even imagine the place, the tense, and their feeling well.. So curious about three of them.. Thank you for your update :)
Chapter 3: Please update soon !! I love it !! <3 <3
natashanash13 #4
Chapter 3: love it. thank u ❣️
thank you for this.
swaglord #6
Love everything!
Tzuyu_21 #7
vip_anny #8
Chapter 1: Keep it up
Chrisfkboy #10
I'm interested in this