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Hey there :) 

Are you in need of ulzzang for apply and poster or graphics?

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Are you frustrated about finding the ulzzang that fit your description?

Or are you tired of playing the same ulzzang for every roleplay? 

I think you have found yourself in a right place :)

Photos of an ulzzang will be post as a chapters

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Girl     Ulzzang Girl                           Ullzang Boy                       Gir    l  Non-ulzzang Girl                 Boy     Non-ulzzang Boy


Table Of Content


1. Ulzzang Kim Shin Yoeng

51. Non-Ulzzang C.C

101. Ulzzang Lee Soung Ro

151. Ulzzang Jo Min Young    

2. Non-Ulzzang Kambumhizoe

52. Ulzzang Lee Eun Jin                

102. Ulzzang Park Ji Ho

152. Ulzzang Han Su Hyun      

3. Non-Ulzzang Pany  

53. Non-Ulzzang Pey

103. Ulzzang Jung Hye Won

153. Ulzzang Im Lee Rang    

4. Ulzzang Jung Gyu

54. Ulzzang Kim Yong Bin

104. Ulzzang Shin Se Hee

154. Ulzzang Choi Sohee

5. Non-Ulzzang Mr.Rich (Nike) 

55. Ulzzang Lee Hyo Jin

105. Ulzzang Park Ji Hyun


6. Ulzzang Song Ah Ri

56. Ulzzang Kang Neung Kyung

106. Ulzzang Ki Yoo jin


7. Non-Ulzzang Mayami  

57. Ulzzang Jang Hyun Jae 

107. Ulzzang Kim Jee In


8. Ulzzang Jang Hae Byeol

58. Ulzzang Lee Geun Hee

108. Ulzzang Lee Da Som


9. Ulzzang Seo Ji Hye 

59. Ulzzang Im Jae Sung

109. Ulzzang Yoon Ji Sung


10. Non-Ulzzang HuaHua

60. Non-Ulzzang Ben Bao

110. Thank You  


11. Ulzzang Jung Roo

61. Ulzzang Park Tae Jun

111. Ulzzang Lee Geum Hee


12. Ulzzang Jo Ga Eun 

62. Ulzzang Lee Chi Hoon

112. Ulzzang Jung Joon Young


13. Non-Ulzzang Angel?

63. Ulzzang Park Hyeong Seok

113. Non- Ulzzang Nerou  


14. Non-Ulzzang Ekid

64. Ulzzang  Kang Hyuk Min

114. Non-Ulzzang Mika Aoki


15. Non-ulzzang Tyrant

65. Ulzzang Ho Jun Yeon

115. Ulzzang Jeon Yong Ha


16. Non-ulzzang Feizl Never

66. Ulzzang Ahn Hong Min

116. Ulzzang Won Jong Jin


17. Non-Ulzzang Roi Jin

67. Ulzzang Kim Min Jun

117. Non-Ulzzang Hara Sofea


18. Non-Ulzzang Yamor

68. Ulzzang Shin Ho Seok

118. Ulzzang Guk Jang Mun


19. Ulzzang Park HyoJin 

69. Poll

119. Ulzzang Kim Jin


20. Ulzzang Choi Eun Hee

70. Ulzzang Kim Hyeon Ho

120. Ulzzang Bae Sang Go


21. Ulzzang Song Chan Ho

71. Ulzzang Park Sang Jun

121. Ulzzang Kim Ryung Rok


22. Non-Ulzzang Deechul  

72. Ulzzang Kwak Min Jun

122. Ulzzang Park Sang Hoon


23. Ulzzang Jin Jae Young 

73. Note

123. Ulzzang Hwang Jin Uk


24. Ulzzang Soek In Hye

74. Ulzzang Jung Hyun Joo

124. 300 subbies~


25. Ulzzang Lee Youn Ju (Mikki)

75. Ulzzang Jo So Yeon

125. Random


26. Ulzzang Jung Seo Yeong

76. Ulzzang Kim Ah Ra

126. Ulzzang Jung Bora  


27. Ulzzang Lee So Ah

77. Ulzzang Lee Seung Hwan

127. Ulzzang Rye Hye Ju


28. Ulzzang Kwon Su Jeong

78. Ulzzang Yu Ha Min

128. Ulzzang Kim Seul Mi


29. Ulzzang Ban Yoon Hee

79. Ulzzang Haneul

129. Ulzzang Lee Yeon Ju ( Mikki) 2


30. Non-Ulzzang AJ

80. Ulzzang Park Mi Yeon

130. Ulzzang Hong Younggi 


31. Non-Ulzzang Ren Si Lu

81. Ulzzang Seul Ki

131. Ulzzang Yeon Ji Hee  


32. Non-Ulzzang Nikita Lim

82. Ulzzang Moon Ya El

132. Ulzzang Go Seo Hyong


33. Non-Ulzzang Charlene Yin

83. Ulzzang Moon Dam Bi

133.Ulzzang im Da Hye


34. Non-Ulzzang Tangguo (Mariko)  

84. Ulzzang Yoo Hyun Jin

134. Ulzzang Song Mira


35. Non-Ulzzang Hwang Hye Bin

85. Ulzzang Lee Nu Ri

135. Ulzzang Lee Chi Hwan/ Takumi Matsumoto  


36. Non-Ulzzang Kim Young

86. Ulzzang Kim Dong Gun

136. Ulzzang Byeong Ji Young


37Non-Ulzzang Jo Hyun Ji 

87. Ulzzang Park Won Cheol

137. Ulzzang Yoon Yoohyun


38. Non-Ulzzang Seven

88. Ulzzang Lee Do Hyeong

138. Ulzzang Lee Yeji


39. Non-Ulzzang Sara

89. Ulzzang Lee Sang June

139. Ulzzang Go Ara


40. Ulzzang Kim Min Seo 

90. Ulzzang Park Jae Hyun

140. Ulzzang Kim Seuk Hye  


41. Notice

91. Ulzzang Kim Do Hoon  

141. Ulzzang Baek Su Min


42. Ulzang Do Hoe Ji

92. Ulzzang Hyun Bi Hyul

142. Ulzzang Park Sora


43. Ulzzang Park Sae Am

93. Ulzzang Oh Jung Kyu

143. Ulzzang Kwang Su Ra


44. Non-Ulzzang May

94. Ulzzang Park Hyung Jun  

144. Ulzzang Ban Nam Gyu


45. Ulzzang Park Boram

95. Ulzzang Hwang Mi Hee

145. Ulzzang Lee Jung Ha  


46. Ulzzang Jun B Yang

96. Ulzzang Kim Myeong Jae

146. Ulzzang Kim Bo Bae


47. Ulzzang Hana Reum Song Lee

97.Ulzzang Kim Byung Ho

147. Ulzzang Baek Jae Ah


48. Ulzzang Park Ji Eun

98. Ulzzang Gwak Ba Neul 

148. Ulzzang Park Yong Hee


49. UlzzangKim Sun Woo

99. Ulzzang Park Young Jun

149. Special Edition: Couple Ulzzang || Ulzzang  
50. Non-Ulzzang 谈耶 100. Ulzzang Park Sang Il 150. Ulzzang Min Hyo Sun  



Personal Favorite
Kim Shin Yeong
Hua Hua
Jung Roo
Park Hyojin
Jung Seo Yeong
Kim Min Seo
Lee Hyo Jin
Park Tae Jun
Lee Chi Hoon
Kwak Min Jun
Park Jae Hyun
Hwang Mi Hee
Park Ji Ho
Kim Yoo Jin
Kim Jee In
Lee Geum Hee
Bae Sang Go
Hong Yonggi
let me spazz about Kim Hui Dae!! hkjwafiyurw!!! >W< He is so kjhkfeuwjge!!!! KYAH~'

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Chapter 109: Yoon ji sung is in wanna one now :) isn't he?
Chapter 1: On the second to last pic,on her sweater,does it say'I LOVE SOAP'or am I just hallucinating?
Hi do you happen two know who these two ullzangs are:
exotichigh #4
Do you know who this guy is? >u< http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7401/9339019981_91a6e96f37_o.jpg
HaeraKim #6
Chapter 141: annyeeong~
Can everyone tell me who she is?
haftiani #7
Heii authornim ^ _ ^ I just wanted to let you know if there ulzzang boy in Indonesia, his name Agriadne Dwinggo Samala! He's sooo handsome .. so can you please post about him?? but, if you can not, that's okay ^ _ ^
Thank you
do you know the name of this ulzzang??~~
[deactivated] #9
WOW....is it ok if i put this link in my roleplay? so people can click the link and see what they ulzzangs look like?