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Kim Sunggyu is known to be one of the most wicked artists that ever existed in this industry. Now that he is coming back from his two-year-break, he's bound to step on the stage once again, and at the same time meet the person whom he never thought will break the walls he have built for years. Will this be the long awaited turning point of his life? Or will this be just another heartbreak for him?


“Fearless. The nation’s most awaited concert comeback by the one and only Kim Sunggyu will be happening this coming June 6 and 7 at the Seoul Olympic Park.

Once again, after two years of break from the limelight, artist and singer Kim Sunggyu makes one of his historical comeback, taking the stage with his newest single Another Me. Along with this, Kim Sunggyu-ssi is confirmed to tour the country and overseas with another concert entitled “Undaunted”.

Strong and charismatic as the artist himself, the concert will take on a newer and higher level, featuring many of Kim Sunggyu-ssi’s chart-topping songs. This is yet another concert you would not want to miss.

The said concert will take place at the Seoul Olympic this coming June 6 and 7, to be produced by Fantasia productions. Following tour venues will be officially announced by Kim Sunggyu-ssi himself on his interview tonight at “The Midnight Show live in Seoul”.

Up next! New artist…” *beep*


The man turned off the television in front of him, stood up to get rid of the noise coming from his cellular phone by picking up unanswered call.

“Hyung, I’m done. Let's go meet our team.”

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