BTS One Shots


A collection of unrelated one-shots and ficlets. Most of them are slash, but there are a couple of friendship ones.


Run | OT7 Friendship:
Jin sighed and sat down in front of Jeongguk. "He is going to be okay." He smiled, his eyes crinkling like a leaf held to
flame. "All of us are going to be okay." 

Faking it | Yoonjin  Fake Boyfriend AU:
Jin needs a boyfriend for a couple of days.

One More Day | Namjin | Apocolypse AU:
It is the end of the world and Namjoon and Jin are the last people standing.

House of Cards | Yoonjin | AU, AU:
Yoongi could pretend. He could make excuses all he wanted. But deep down he knew. He could lie to anyone, but not to himself.

a truth so loud you can't ignore | Yoonjin:
Jin and
Yoongi play the pepero game.

Texts | 2seok High school AU, Friends to Lovers:
A friendship begins when one day
Hoseok sends a drunk text to the wrong number.

Sick  | Jeongguk:
Jeongguk really hates getting sick.

Never Fall | Namjoon | Character Study:
Namjoon is just a good actor, enough to convince everyone around him that he is fine. That he keeps it all together. 

Going Home | Taejin | Stepbrothers AU:
Tae runs a soothing hand down Seokjin's back, trying to offer silent support because he knows that Seokjin doesn't like to talk about it — not now and not ever.

The Other Side | Yoongi | Character Study:
When Yoongi was a kid, just a few weeks short of turning twelve, he had nightmares.

Caught in a Lie | Jimin | OT7:
He can’t afford to make any mistakes. He can’t afford to be anything but perfect.

Nostalgia | Taehyung | Hurt/Comfort:
They have been like this for years. Tae should have gotten used to it by now. And he had. But sometimes it isn’t that easy.

A Late Night's Work | 2seok | AU, Friends to Lovers: 
Seokjin felt a little flutter in his stomach that was almost like nerves, which was
ridiculous, because he didn't get nervous. Not until Hoseok came along, anyway.

Obsession | Yoonjin | AU:
"My mind won’t shut up about you."


Hope you enjoy them - let me know what you think! 

Poster and background are made by --namu.

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110 streak #1
Chapter 12: I love this one, so sweet and softy and tae just misses his family and his hyungs know how to comfort him❤
Chapter 4: Wow.
Chapter 2: So cute!!!
232 streak #4
Chapter 15: Namjoon couldn't lie to his own heart forever that he loved Jinnie so much ⌒.⌒
109 streak #5
Chapter 12: I like all of it but this one is my fav! It's cute!! I have a soft spot for this kind of Tae❤ hehehee..
232 streak #6
Chapter 14: This chapter seems like a poem
232 streak #7
Chapter 13: Cute 2seok, but I love them as best friend or partner in crime
232 streak #8
Chapter 12: Taetae, he misses his family and sometimes feels lonely behind their busy schedules. But hyung lines are amazing, they know how to comfort him..
232 streak #9
Chapter 11: Well, i hope it's just story/fanfic, never happen in real life. Anorexia is really bad..
Jimin's body is slim but tough and has muscle (real), well he's healthy after all.
232 streak #10
Chapter 10: You're not alone, Yoongichi.. The six boys always there beside you and will support you no matter what..