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Tired of searching through endless fanfictions only to find out that Kai/Jongin tops? Well fear no longer because here is a list of well written, cute Jongin as a bottom. If you do not believe in Nini bottoming, just leave this recommendation list. You may also find your bias topping here, should you be in the need for example of some badass top!Kyungsoo.



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By bubbleteacups Updated Jan 23, 2015 5:03:07

Tags  abuse   angst   shinee   taemin   exo   kai   taekai 

Characters Taemin, Jongin, Kyungsoo, Seo Kangjoon (Roommate), Sehun, Onew, Taekai, Kaisoo, Bottom!Kai

With 7 chapters, 55 votes, 458 subscribers, 8730 views, 159 comments

Status [M]

Jongin was brought into the world entirely for his older twin Taemin, who was the prince of the country. Ever since so young, Jongin had to provide all the organs and cells the prince needed, and had to live his life bounded and hidden in the hospital ward whereas Taemin didn't even know of Jongin's existence. Would their twin connection be strong enough for the prince to discover his unfortunate twin in time? Was the prince powerful enough to protect his twin who wasn't even regarded as a human?

Author's Note

Hi there, since I am a massive bottom!Jongin lover myself, I have made a collection of fanfictions of this genre and decided to share them with the rest of the world. Please do forgive me for any possible grammar mistakes. English is not my native language but I do try to better my vocabulary and grammar to the best of my possibilities. Also for those who recommended a story, I sincerely want to thank you because it spares me the time I would need to find a new fanfiction ^^. Thank you in advance and I hope this story recommendation list spared you some time. Have an awesome day!


Please READ the first chapter: Rules, Recommendation Format etc. BEFORE recommending me anything. Any recommendations made without the proper format will be removed from now on. Thank you.

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Chapter 1: Title (with Link): Love Through A Millennium []

Author: Jongyeolin

Genres (with possible trigger warnings): romance, humor, angst, highschool/historical!au aboverse (!!past character deaths!!)

Status (completed, unfinished): ongoing

Jongin's character: not your typical omega. he's feisty and is really mean particularly to sehun but in truth he's just a brokenhearted boy that needs a lot of comforting. also very sarcastic lol

Summary: Their story was not a fairytale, however, it doesn't mean it cannot be retold.

i really like this story, very well written. sekai have likeable characters and chenyeol are hilarious too! in addition the historical part is so interesting. i hope you give this a shot :)
karolalpha #2
Chapter 88: Hi, really nice list! Maybe you remember a fic that I read some time ago. Jongin and Kai are twins (it isn't a Kaicest), they don't get on well in the beginning. Kai is the cool twin, Jongin is shy and insecure. When they attend university, Jongin starts to date Chanyeol (i think), but he's an and tries to take advantage of him and I think Kai saves Jongin. From there Kai starts to get closer to Jongin, and he apologizes for not treating him well, because he was jealous of him. If I remember well, The main pairing is Jongin and D.O. (I think Soo was like a punk in here..?)
My summary is a mess but the story was really nice, ring any bell?
Title: Jongin was supposed to be flirting with Momo

Author: MitchMatchedSocks

Genres: High school!au, dumb teens, enemies to lovers

Jongin's Character : nice, hesitant, respectful, confused

Status: Complete.

Summary: The football team and the baseball team have always hated each other, and it's Jongin's job as football team captain to go head to head with the baseball team captain, the gorgeous and talented Oh Sehun.

There is so many amazing fics in the second round of Kaifectionery

there is many more amazing fics there many bottom Jongin but i'm too lazy to recommend them all here i hope you can give them all a chance they're truly amazing
nbatrisyiaisyia #4
Chapter 21: Chapter 21: why i cant read it?
nbatrisyiaisyia #5
Chapter 21: Chapter 21: why i cant read it?
loveFf88 #6
Chapter 96: Hi!)can I ask permission to translate this collection?with reference to you as the original author