Kim Seuk Hye/Son Ju Hui/Son Joo Hee/Joo


So this girl, I've been looking for her name for awhile and I finally found it.. She's actually a trainee under Cube Ent. and she models for CherryKOKO. She's really pretty. So here are some pictures of her. And her nickname is Joo.







OK~ Bye for now

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Chapter 10: This is just so awesome! I love Baek Sumin so much! And I want you to know that you're helping quite a lot of people by just putting up these pics^^
sunlightsparkle90_ #2
Chapter 50: I love Do Hwe Ji! Although, I can't see most of her pictures.
This is literally one of the most useful things someone has done! Thank you so much for all your hard work! This is heaven for us looking for visual inspiration!
H_Haru_H #5
Can somebody please help me? Who is the last guy in the first column of the poster?
apcv_123 #6
I really like it
Qash_Nat #7
who is dis :
In your poster for this shop, who is the guy in the 2nd column and at the ver bottom? The one who has his finger under his eye?
do you know who this is?
And this person: