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Seungri—monster? Jiyong scoffs at that.


monster (noun)

BrE /ˈmɒnstə(r)/; NAmE /ˈmɑːnstər/

  1. (in stories) an imaginary creature that is very large, ugly and frightening
  2. an animal or a thing that is very large or ugly
  3. a person who is very cruel and evil
  4. (humorous) a child who behaves badly

—Oxford Learner's Dictionaries


Padding into the deserted building, G-Dragon, dressed in a black suit and a gun ready in his hand, on high alert, watched as the monster fought against a group of armed people.

Despite the limited source of light from the street lights outside and shadow dominated the old building, the monster swung his sword graciously, smoothly like a watery motion, cutting through the flying bullets and drawing more blood from his opponents.

The monster did not even flinch when blood painted across his face.

The monster did not even stop when pained screams pierced the air.

The monster—

No, no, not the monster. He was his monster.

His monster. His Seungri—

Seungri had been once smaller than him, always wearing the same, oversized military jacket. Seungri had been once a klutz, not able to walk straight without tripping over his own shoelaces. Seungri had been once an innocent kid with a gummy smile, always asking him how to pronounce certain words in the book. Seungri had been once—

G-Dragon caught something from the corner of his eye and lifted his gun in that instant. Seungri, eyes as sharp as hawk, spotted him and sprinted towards him.

Without a further word, not even wasting a breath, G-Dragon pulled the trigger. The bullet exploded out of the gun's mouth with a loud bang.

Seungri—the, no, his monster, with the great ability of an assassin he had trained over his childhood years, had the sense to his head, and the bullet whizzed past his silver hair.

Just as expected, it didn't even faze his monster, not even a twitch of brow, still charging forward and definitely closing in.

G-Dragon slid shut his eyes.

Even with his eyes closed, G-Dragon could imagine the next move Seungri would make. Seungri had stayed by his side for so long G-Dragon knew his body routine.

He knew Seungri was using his right leg as the dominant one this time.

And he knew Seungri was tightening his grip on the sword to create the momentum.

There was a phantom throb in his pinky finger even though it had been long amputated.

And he knew his Seungri—his beloved monster—relaxed the muscles in his shoulders, the sword that half of his height secured in his calloused hands, then swung—



Credits to my beloved friend, Rosred for helping me out. No exact words can describe my gratitude when she agreed to lend me her hand. She's done her best to correct my mistake. Any mistakes you found here are solely mine.

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Please come back T.T
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Chapter 5: I just hope author want to make another chapter this story amazing <3
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