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Soulmate For Sale
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Only Learned The Bad Things - B1A4
Narrator’s P.O.V:
After testing was over, it was lunch break. Luckily for you, you had remembered almost everything you had studied on the test, and you had a headache.
The lunch bell rang as class was dismissed. *I hope Minwoo’s okay.* You thought to yourself as you sighed and sprawled your arms onto your desk.
Suddenly, someone nudged your shoulder and you looked up to see Boram.
“Mind having lunch together?” She asked with a sly glint in her eye. You secretly knew what her motive was, though. You let out a sigh. *Time to explain everything....*
You and Boram were on the school roof, in your normal lunch spot.
The two of you were eating the lunch you made since Boram never had a homemade lunch. It was natural for you to make her lunch too, since her parents didn’t care about a delinquent like her.
“So what you’re saying is,” Boram paused between bites of an eggroll, “That hobo proclaimed to be your soulmate, and now, he’s living at your house with you?”
You sighed and took a sip of your water, “Boram, it’s not very nice to call Minwoo a ‘hobo’.”
She ignored that last bit. “That’s unbelievable! How could you let a complete stranger into your house?!” Boram reprimanded, “And why didn’t you tell me this sooner?!”
You shook your head, “I knew you would act like this, Boram. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you. You’d blow things out of proportion like this.”
“It’s a stranger, for pete’s sake! I don’t care how ‘innocent’ or good-looking he is! He could be a serial killer, for all you know!” Boram complained.
No Minwoo, the serial killer? That bubbly boy was practically made up of rainbows and unicorns.
“But Boram, he’s an old friend of Hoya’s. I don’t know, but he seems a little bit familiar to me too…” You tried to think. “He even has a photo of him and Hoya together, as proof.”
Boram paused but quieted down, “And what if that picture was photoshopped?”
You rolled your eyes, “I don’t think so. And plus, if he was a murderer, why would he choose me, of all people? Also, if he photoshopped that picture, how in the world did he get his hands on Hoya oppa’s photo?”
“You never know, ________. He could be a stalker.” She warned.
“I’m so sure.” You chortled.
You paused, then remembered something. “…I had a dream about this too, though.”
Boram furrowed her eyebrows, “What kind of dream?”
“Hoya oppa was in it, and he told me something… Aish, what was it? …Oh! He told me that there will be another boy to take his place. This happened before Minwoo even came. I wonder if the boy he was talking about was him?” You wondered aloud.
“It could be just a meaningless dream.” Boram mumbled, “I still don’t think the guy’s innocent.”
You sighed again, “If he wasn’t actually friends with oppa, then how did he know so much about my brother, and why would he go through so much just for me—a financially unstable nobody?”
Boram softened, “You’re not a nobody. You’re the kindest girl I know.”
“I was just trying to make a point.” You replied.
Boram finished the last of her food and planted her hands behind her while leaning back. “I guess you’re right. He sure does look like an innocent guy.”
You smiled, “Besides, he’s become a friend to me now. It sounds weird, but I want to trust him. His face just looks to familiar. If he wanted to hurt me or victimize me, he would’ve already done it during these past few weeks.”
“Fine, you win. But if he does ANYTHING to you, and I mean ANYTHING, I will hunt him down and give him a good kick where the sun doesn’t shine.” She said dangerously. “I wasn’t in a gang for nothing, you know?”
You let out a giggle and smiled, “Thanks, Borammie. I know you’re always on my side.”
“Anytime.” She patted your head. “But what are you going to do about Sandeul sunbae?”
You visualized your kind and handsome sunbae in your head as your cheeks flushed, “What do you mean?”
Boram just smiled. *She still likes him.* “Never mind.”
You gave her a quizzical look, but she didn’t tell. After all, she was good at keeping her fair share of secrets, too.
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Chapter 54: Aww~ it was such a sweet story! I had fun reading it! >.<
Super sweet story with an equally super sweet MInwoo ^^