In 2008, Woolim Entertainment debuted girl group "FAERIETALE" with poor promotions, the original six barely making it onto music shows and vareity programs. Then it was revealed that their original leader was involved in a hefty scandal, causing her dismissal form the company and the girl group to disband.

What the public didn't know, though, is that the remaining five girls stayed with the company, training and working together in hopes that they'd perform on a stage once again. After a change in line up, name, and three new members, this girl group was ready to try one more time. Will 4xU succeed this time or will they fall apart for good?



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4xU at their debut showcase in 2016
From left to right: Clara, Venus, Sang Mi, Chase, Sophie, Naeun, JJ, Tina.
Background information
Origin SeoulSouth Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2008 – 2009 (FAERIETALE disbandment)
2015 - present (4xU)
  • Woolim Entertainment
Website Official Website
  • Sang Mi, Naeun, Chase, Venus, Clara, JJ, Sophie, TBA. Former: GiGi, Tina
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FAERIETALE (Korean요정 이야기; stylized as FAERIETALE) is a South Korean girl group under Woolim Entertainment that made their debut in 2008. The group consisted of Sang Mi, GiGi, Naeun, Chase, Tina and Venus. However, due to a controversial scandal, GiGi was removed from the lineup and the group was since disbanded. In June of 2016, 4xU debuted with the original five of FAERIETALE alongside three new members, making the group an 8 membered group consisting of Sang Mi, Naeun, Chase, Tina, Venus, JJ, Sophie, and Clara. As of November of 2016, member TINA has left due to personal reasons and member CLARA has temporarily left to participate in KPOP STAR6. At the new year of 2017, Woollim has dropped hints of a new member, revealed to be taking the role of TINA as the SWAN PRINCESS.

As of JANUARY, the SWAN PRINCESS was revealed to be none other than RYU SOMIN under the stage name FAYZA. Somin was originally apart of Woollim's co-ed trio FORTI. She will join promotions in the new year and promote under sub-units as well, although no information is confirmed about which ones she'll join besides the 'new member' unit.



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Label: Woolim Entertainment
Fanclub Name: Hero/ines
Fanclub Colour: Lavender
Debut Date: April 14th, 2008
Debut Song: 
꿈사탕 (Dream Candy)
Debut Album: Dream of FAERIETALE
Number of Members: originally 6


Group Name: 4xU
Label: Woolim Entertainment
Fanclub Name: TBA
Fanclub Colour: TBA
Debut Date: June 3rd, 2016
Debut Song: 
그대에게 (For You)
Debut Album: This is 4xU!
Number of Members: 8 (7 after the departure of TINA)


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FAERIETALE's Former and Current Members
Name Information Position
Birth Stage Birthdate Extra Extra
Cheon Sang Mi Sang Mi December 26th, 1990 Original Member O  Main Rapper, Vocalist
Lee Naeun Naeun December 31st, 1994 Original Member O Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Chaichareon Kraiputra CHASE July 21st, 1993 Original Member O Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Ryu Somin FAYZA April 16th, 1993 New Member O Lead Dancer, Visual, Vocalist
Violet Xingyi Chan Venus February 9th, 1995 Original Member O Triple Threat
Yoon Jinsol Clara October 5th, 1999 New Member O Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Jung "Jinny" Soojin JJ August 8th, 1992 New Member O  Triple Threat
Sophie Yoo Sophie September 13, 1995 New Member O Main Vocalist
Phong Kim Tina December 12th, 1993 Former Member O Lead Dancer, Visual, Vocalist
Seo Gy-uri Sleeping Beauty May 27, 1993 Former Member O Leader, Face of Group, Main Vocalist



Featuring the four youngest members, their concept will resemble the original FAERIETALE, light pop and a cuter concept than the rest of the subunits. However, all members are capable of maturer and different concepts than the current image and could make a turn once ready.They will usually promote in the late spring/early summer rush.
Members: Clara, Sophie, Venus, and Naeun.


This subunit is the original four left after FAERIETALE's disbandment, and focus in on a more mature and strong performance, usually concepted as femme-fatale and more R&B than the group as a whole. They mostly promote in late summer/early fall, right after main group's promotions. 
Members: Venus, Naeun, Chase, and Sang Mi.


The three (soon to be FOUR) new members make up this subunit, known for their beauty, charm, and outstanding talent added to the group. They are also known as the "Saving Grace" of the original group which only adds more meaning to their name. They have a "various" theme, so fan are always anticipating the next step comeback and the new sound they'll bring. Usually will promote in the inbetween of the other subunits, giving them time to truly develop and perfect their next title track.
Members: Clara, Sophie, JJ, FAYZA.

IDYLL (pronounced IDEAL)

Made up of the three oldest, this is the party group and usually promoting alongside summer promotions with the group. They've trained the longest and have a sort of y, summer vibe to their songs. With the departure of TINA, it is unsure if they will continue as a trio or a new member will be added and a new sound will be found.
Members: Chase, JJ, and Sang Mi.


Studio albums

  • Dream of FAERIETALE (2008) - The First Mini Album
    Title Track - Dream Candy
    02. - Hurry Hurry
    03. - Huk
    04. - Fairytale Love 
    05. - BubiBu
  • This is 4xU (2016) - The Second Mini Album
    Title Track - For You 
    02. - Just Go!
    03. - Remember
    04. - Fingertips
    05. - Fantasy
  • PLAYBACK (TBA) - QUIXOTICs First Digital EP
    Title Track - Playback
    02. - I Wonder (feat. TBA)
    03. - Be Natural
  • Give Your Love (2017) - PHOENIX's First EP
    Title Track - Give Your Love
    02. - Time Slip
    03. - You Don't Love Me
    04. - The Light (feat. TINA)
  • MAMMA MIA (TBA) - Grace's First Single
    Single - Mamma Mia
    Secondary Track - Woo Hoo
  • Am I Your Type? (2016) - IDYLL's First Mini Album
    Title Track - I Swear
    02. - Hold On Tight
    03. - I'm in Love (With You)
    04. - AAH OOP! (feat. SOPHIE)
    05. - Girl Crush
  • SOMEHOW (2017) - 4xU's 2nd Mini Album
    Title Track - Somehow
    02. TBA
    03. TBA
    04. TBA
    05. Somehow - Chinese Vers.
    06. Somehow - Acoustic
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Chapter 31: the girls at the awards show was everything omg lmao
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and with how the members reacted to just her being mentioned during one of their interviews....

also jb purposely searching for jj to catch up with her ayyy
and sehun being alll shy about complimenting venus xD
i wonder whats up with suga and chase again tho....
was starting to miss sophie and btob interactions haha
OOOOH SANGMI got to meet mamamooo!!!! i'm looking forward to 4xu and mamamoo's friendship hehe
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Chapter 30: look who's finally back around to comment lel
i love clara's determination throughout this chapter, it was really nice to read about!
jyp's reactions to her were so amusing too haha
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everyone coming over to spazz over the maknae was adorable too haha
nice to see the girls making friends in the idol world and interacting with em hehe
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I love the new chapters to be honest and I can only say welcome to the new girl so WELCOME SOMINNIE!!! Anyway I love how the girls acted with Gigi and how pissed naeun was surprising some of the girls a bit as they knew Naeun was friends with her. And I mean chaos at the award ceremonies I love it. I just wish there is a chapter or two with the girls love interests and maybe, because naeun is my character, focus a bit more on myungsoo and hers relationship with how they hurt each other and the girls helping a crying naeun with somin surprised over it or something but also like show me some love to the other loveliness I'm dying for love
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Variety 04: IDK if I commented or not, but omg this is so cute -- I honestly ship DoubleJB more than Hyunsik and JJ X'D ;; they're just so naturally playful and competitive, it makes for a fun relationship I think ~ But I love the way you used an actual episode of the Real GOT7 for this! :D Also, YES JJ GET REVENGE FOR CHASE LMAO Bambam is such a trouble maker he deserves it --- all in all, it's super cute, and I hope that comments don't get to JJ like it did to Tina :(((
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Reveal 05: FAYZAAAAA!! I haven't read her app but she seems so cute -- her quiet nature and easily distracted ness aaaaah no wonder su-chin is happy lololol, one less sophie and chase to worry about xD her answers were really unique, actually, she loves hip hop to dance and be apart of as a group but personally she loves classical??? (i lied i read her app a little lmao) aLNJEWSUIFJKD DO KARD SONGS I'M BEGGING PLS a co-ed group with kard songs would be absolutely wild omg omg omg aND SOMIN/FAYZA BEING SO HONEST ABOUT HERSELF LIKE YOU GO GIRL OMG
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Chapter 33: Oh my goodness I saw this when I woke up and I saw Euijin and Lex and I simply screamed! I was so worried that Somin wouldn't be chosen because there were some amazing apps, but thank you so so much for choosing her after all <3 You made me so happy!

You really do portray her shyness and not being easy with words well! I also really love how you portray her boys Lex and Euijin.

Wow... The tw part about venus' sister got me though... You've written that one out so well. I can understand Venus, but she should really give Somin a chance. Not because she's my character but because she's a good person, feels bad about it herself and did nothing wrong. I'm glad they are going to talk

I'm so excited for MAMA though! I can't wait to see what's going to happen! Thank you again!
oooh i'm exxcited to seee the new member!
and as always, sorry for the slow activity on my end
i'll be sure to comment on all the chapters soon!
Chapter 32: I don't think I've told you this, but I really like how you cycle through time in your chapters. You've got this really organic way of little skips of time and you're not afraid to show short burts and scenes and that's something I struggle with myself so A+++ good ! And I always love the interactions between each other and other idols, you're so good at dialogue and interactions, teach me senpai!

Sophie noticing that something is off with Chase makes me ;A; THEIR FRIENDSHIP. And aaaw Tina is back for a tiny bit! It's really sweet to include her in this segment and still show that she cares about the group and Jinsol despite being outies. And aaaaw look at the baby performing and gaining confidence in her skill!!

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Chapter 31: Can't wait to see the new member ^^