When Life Began

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After hundreds of years of useless wandering, Mino only truly starts living after his encounter with Haneul.


My first Mino-focused fic, please give it love!

Warning: Suggestive themes. Please don't read if it makes you uncomfortable.


A special thanks to stephhh- for the beautiful poster! 


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sharkk #1
Chapter 50: I have subscribed this story back then but only have chances to read it just now.. And im loving it sooo muchh..
intrapersonalady #2
Chapter 50: I really got addicted to this that I'm even reading while working (please don't tell on me ><). Thank you for this beautiful story! I enjoyed it a lot. :)
NoraMyFics #4
Congrats on getting featured!! I've followed this from the time it started until it finished!! And I've read this story a few times back then!! I'm happy to start reading this once again!!
Congrats and well deserved!!
Congrats on getting featured!
175 streak #7
Congrats :)
congrats on the feature :)
11 streak #9
congrats on the feature! :)
1crystalthao #10
Chapter 50: This was seriously one of the best fanfic ever! Omg. The ending killed me. Why does it end? LOL thank you for great writing and content.