My Daily Life Living With Kim Jongin

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Do Kyungsoo of EXO can't help but be head-over-heels in love with the dancer of EXO, Kim Jongin. Lee Taemin is also in love with Kim Jongin. The two have been unspoken enemies ever since they found out about each other's feelings. How will they ever manage to live with each other?


My Daily Life Living With Kim Jongin 
And My Rival In Love

Do Kyungsoo of EXO can't help but be head-over-heels in love with the dancer of EXO-K, Kim Jongin. Kyungsoo also can't help but be excited to be living alone with Jongin once again. Nothing could possibly ruin this opportunity... Right? Wrong. Lee Taemin of SHINee is handsome, sweet, kind-hearted, and Jongin's best friend. He could easily get anyone he wanted with his charming smile and outside personality. But, the truth is that Lee Taemin is in love with the same person as Do Kyungsoo. The two have been unspoken rivals ever since they realized each other's feelings and have been good at pissing each other off by gaining small bits of affection from Jongin.

Kyungsoo can't believe Taemin would go as far to live with both of them when they can barely stay in the same room without cutting one another's heads off. Jongin, as always, is oblivous to all of the tension. How will the two rivals ever manage?



Let's take this step-by-step. Most of this will be fluff because why not?!

POV will change from Kyungsoo to Taemin from chapter to chapter.

There may be angst in this, but I guess nothing too big. 

(Old Cover: 

Chapter for Why Lucifer Of Course has been revised many times (I want it to be perfect) and will eventually come out!!!

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Tootsooroll #1
Chapter 8: Can I just know how the story ends???
Beybey77 #2
Chapter 8: Secret stash of red velvet batter.
Jinki would.
Better be taekai
Is this a three way ship!? Oh ho ho I love those~
Chapter 5: Who is it that i waNT kyungsoo a d taemin together all öf a sudden
Chapter 5: A Christmas Carol is a classic for Christmas. ^-^ I really liked that Taemin was able to get into the Christmas spirit. It's not always about the one you're in love with, but rather the ones you love. I can't wait for more.
_chanchan #7
Chapter 5: Kyungsoo needs some lovin' :( I'm rooting for kaisoo all the way hehe
Chapter 4: Wow, that was a pretty fast update. ^-^ As a Kaisoo shipper, I am willing to wait as long as necessary, but Kyungsoo needs some love, too. Poor Kyungsoo, though, to have seen such a scene. "He never said it was okay" really got me. The next update will definitely be interesting.
Chapter 4: I ship kaisoo all the way can't wait for a update