It's Sad to Belong

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Fixed marriage.

Legacy to protect.

Family to obey.


Ahn Soo Min has known this set up ever since she was just a mere child.


Her fiance is no other than Kim Joon Myeon, nicknamed Suho, whose family owns the largest confectionery company in South Korea. Soo Min's conglomerate blood line happened to be the second to the Kims' wealth and a big merge between the two multinational figures will soon occur once the two heirs have tied the knot.


Soo Min and Suho simply started as friends and they eventually became a couple. She loves Suho but the male only sees her as a friend, as a younger sister and a business partner. Still, he went on with their relationship because he didn't have the audacity to disobey his parents. In six months, the marriage is set to take place.


At times, destiny can be cruel to some people and Ahn Soo Min's quiet and planned life was hit by a sudden fate twisting air surge when she met the dazzling skater boy, Xiumin. The first day they've come across each other, she felt comfortable with him even though he was a total stranger.


Xiumin was the exact opposite of the calm and collected Suho. Xiumin is fun, exciting and... cute. She owes him one big favor because he made her laugh the day they met. She was pathetically crying due to the fact that she discovered that Suho was cheating behind her back. Her fiance is secretly going out with Park Chorong.


Gradually, her emotions started to change and it didn't help that Xiumin confessed his feelings towards her. She loves her parents so much and she must marry Suho for the welfare of their company. She tried to battle her feelings but destiny is being mean to her. Soo Min can't possibly end up with Xiumin. Her family won't accept a commoner like him. Moreover, she's still not over Suho and she's unsure of her own emotions.


Is Suho her someone else and is Xiumin her right one?


Oh, it's really sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along...



Girl's Day I Miss You & Come Slowly

It's Sad to Belong



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Another series! Ideas keep on popping in my head, I need to write thissss asap. HAHAHA.

Obviously, my inspiration for this story is my fave old song, It's Sad to Belong by England Dan & John Ford Coley.

Hope you'll like this story. ^^

Credits to the photo owners~

NOTE: I revised the story and from YOU, I changed the OC to Ahn Soo Min.




Enjoy reading~

Thank you!

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Wabbit #1
Chapter 4: CHAPTER 4: OMG I didn't realise you wrote a new EXO fanfic. HAHAHA sorry for being so late... I'm really glad and grateful that you are continuing to write EXO fanfics. Also I'm am seriously shipping xiumin with the oc. Can't wait to know what happens next!
ThePenguwin #2
Chapter 4: Still didnt know how suho react if he know about this . Ilove this story
zangsia1 #3
Chapter 4: Great update Authornim
Your ad request at ❀ Mystic Multi-Shop ❀ is complete! Please don't forget to credit us with our banner! ♥
junniejun01 #5
Chapter 3: It's really nice to have someone to let out the feelings in the chest. Like to vent. It's really a great story author and I really do want to know what's going to happen next so update soon ^^
somimi01 #6
Chapter 3: Who is Xiumin? And why is he secretive? Omo. Is he actually from a rich family and that's the reason?;; Please update soon author nim!
somimi01 #7
Chapter 2: Aww, how could soomin not set up a password on her phone xD But I guess cupid or fate is on their sides since Xiumin can get her number hehe
DevilsChild24 #8
Chapter 2: She's really in a fragile stage... I really can't imagine someone cheating on their lover back. It's like much better to come clean than to continue knowing it hurts the other party. But author! I really like your story since I can relate my life to it ^^
DevilsChild24 #9
Chapter 1: I like the way how you made one get comfortable easily with just a new met person through the street! Since it's like a usual real life situation too that someone can relate it
I like the description and your cover shows very well how Soo Min is feeling during the story.