Deja Vu


"Dul! Annyeonghaseyo!De Ja Vu imnida."


It feels like a dream.

I still can't believe that we already debuted.

The screams,cheers,and claps made me more confident.

When Im here on stage, I can't feel the tiredness of our late night practices.

It's worth it.

It's worth every drop of sweat, countless scolding, painful injuries and sleepless nights because finally we're living our dream.







Moon Mana (문마나)

-born on November 17,1999 in Gyeonggi-do

-is trained for 5 years

-Deja Vu's Leader, Main Rapper, and Vocal


Park Lyz

-born on July 12,2000 in L.A

-is trained for 2 years

-Deja Vu's Lead Rapper and Vocal


Choi Hara (최하라)

-born on August 31,2000 in Busan

-is trained for 1 year

-Deja Vu's Face and Lead Vocal


Kang Ahyu

-born on September 14,2000 in Incheon

-is trained for 3 years

-Deja Vu's Center and Main Dancer


Wang Zel

-born on January 29,2001 in Beijing

-is trained for 4 years

-Deja Vu's Maknae,Main Vocal, Lead Dancer, and Rapper







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