What control...?


Some time has passed after Baekhyun moved in with Chanyeol and Chanyeol is not planning to let Baekhyun be in control ever again (simply because he loves him so much and can't stop surprising him).

Oh. And Jongdae might get some courage to finally talk to that crush of his that still visits the bar (and maybe looks in his direction a little bit more often).

Of course Kyungsoo is going to try and make things right with Baekhyun. And of course Sehun still has to repay him. 


So. This is the overly fluffy sequel to In control. Because I woke up this morning and I thought it had to happen because I was seeing scenes. (Oh my god they're so happy though)


I hope you'll like it ^^ Even though it's kind of a different mood from 'In control'. 

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