Min has always been in-love with Woohyun. Ever since she laid eyes on him, she was already in-love. That was in their first year of middle school. She felt more in-love when Woohyun returned her feelings and they got together. That was on their last day of being high schools students.


“Sorry I took so long” Woohyun said, a hand rubbing his nape. “I just didn’t have the courage” he continued, a shy smile gracing his plump lips.


Min was blushing, nodding to whatever Woohyun was saying. He continued to say more, with her missing everything including the “will you be my girlfriend?” To everything Woohyun said, a nod was returned by Min.


She was aware she nodded to that question, all she remembers was he hugged her then her parents came, he said “see you tomorrow” and jogged to his family. She got the news the next day: she was Woohyun’s girlfriend, and he was her boyfriend. The thought made her blush.


Good morning, baby. I’ll drop by your place later to say hello to your parents and pick you up, 1pm. I love you (:


Min blinked and blinked and blinked and blinked at the message. She blindly replied ‘okay(:’ then went to shower, with everything still slowly sinking in.


Woohyun and Min were happy and in-love for three years. They went to the same university but with different courses. Min gained friends and so did Woohyun. Though openly together, not much people know about their relationship, wanting to keep it extra private.


In Min’s group of friends, her closest was Hyomin. They even call themselves ‘MinSquared’ because of the same names. Hyomin knows almost everything about Min, and vice versa, but she has never met Min’s boyfriend yet. Not like she bothered to know him, it’s just not her interest.


It was a cold October night when Woohyun got stuck in Min’s dorm room. He was just visiting then it suddenly started raining hard, she offered him to stay the night. That night, they made love. It was their first time.


The love making continued, at first once a week, then twice then it turned to everyday, once a day, twice a day then almost any time they can. They got addicted, they never stopped getting for each other.


Then another semester, they got busier. They barely saw each other. This went on for months.


Hyomin tells Min she’s found someone, and she’ll introduce him to her when he’s sorted out his problems and when they’re official. Min was happy for her.


One Sunday night in August, while having dinner, Woohyun tells Min he’s found someone else and that he’s sorry. And that he really loved her, but it’s faded. He loves someone else now. Min understood, she really did. She never thought they’d last forever. She understood.


Min tried to concentrate in school, she tried to still better. She barely saw her friends too, and that was they were busy too


One Saturday in September, Hyomin met with Min and told her she and her guy are officially together. Min was happy. Woohyun arrives but he doesn’t sit beside Min, in fact, he was surprised to see her. Hyomin pulls him beside her.


“Min, I want you to meet my boyfriend Woohyun. Woohyun, Min, my best friend”


Min, mustering up the courage to smile, she did and extended a hand to her ex-boyfriend. “Nice to meet you, I’m Min”


Woohyun weakly shook her hand and returned the smile with a “it’s nice to meet you too”


Min’s phone rang, thankful, she answered and excused herself from the couple. She said goodbye to them after the phone call, informing them that her mom needed her.


A week after, she learns she’s four months pregnant. How it went four months without her noticing is beyond her.


Withdrawing from school, the only reason she gave Hyomin (when she asked her) was “an aunt needs me in the province, I’ll be back soon”


Hyomin understood. Min hid the pregnancy and stayed in Jeju Island. She gave birth with her parents beside her, she stayed until the baby was alright to travel. They transferred to Busan. She kept in touch with best friend, but not telling her about the baby.


5 years later, Min returned to Seoul. She wanted her son to study there. She met a man, Minhyuk, who was willing to be a father to her son. Although she wasn’t ready for a new relationship, she let Minhyuk hang around—and he was more than willing to do so. He stayed at the same apartment building that Min and Wooyoung, her son, stayed so he can keep an eye on them.


Min finished university in Busan after giving birth to Wooyoung. She finished a degree in Information Technology. She works as a programmer and a website designer in a company located in Gangnam.


Hyomin learns this and invites Min to lunch. She worked in Gangnam, too, and so does Woohyun. And Minhyuk too.


Min invites Minhyuk, she needed someone so she won’t feel sad. She still haven’t moved on completely.


The four of them meets at an Italian restaurant near their buildings. They talk about their lives, Hyomin tells them she’s engaged and she and Woohyun we’re marrying a week from their meeting. Telling Min it was good timing that she went back, she invited Minhyuk to the wedding too.


Woohyun stays quiet, occasionally joining but most of the time just pretending to enjoy the food and saying he was just hungry and tired. He was still guilty. He saw the hurt still in Min’s eyes. He never meant to fall out of love. And he never meant to fall in love with her best friend, he didn’t even know they know each other.


Minhyuk notices too, the hurt in Min’s eyes. He knows the story, but he plays along, just like Min.


That night, when they went home, Minhyuk hugs Min in-front of her apartment door, she was crying. She didn’t want to, but she couldn’t help it. Minhyuk tells her that she didn’t have to go to the wedding if she can’t, but she says she well. He reassures her he’ll be there for her. He hugged her one more time, kissed her cheek and said good night. Letting her go inside first before he left to go home.


On the day of the wedding, a Saturday, Min leaves Wooyoung at a daycare center, promising to get him before 7pm as the wedding was at 2pm. She kisses her son and leaves with Minhyuk.


Just after the wedding, Min congratulates the couple, gives them their gift and apologises that they cannot attend the reception as they had another commitment. Understanding, the couple bids Min and Minhyuk goodbye.


Wooyoung’s 5th birthday was coming and Min was preparing and sending out invites. She always gives her everything on her son’s birthday. He wanted an Iron Man theme so that’s what he’s getting and she’s not sending out Iron Man invitations physically and on line. She sends invites to her friends on her social networks, careful not to let Hyomin and other friends to know about it, specially her ex.


But she guesses she wasn’t careful enough. Hyomin finds out about Wooyoung and confronts Min with a frown.


“You should’ve told me!” she said, a happy Wooyoung playing by her feet with the toys she bought him before going to Min’s place. “I would’ve been a very good and generous god mother”


Min just smiles, a little relieved that she doesn’t have to hide her son from her bestfriend.


“Who’s the father” Hyomin asks, Min wasn’t really to tell her just yet. She just said she’ll tell her when she’s ready, Hyomin understood.


Hyomin tells Woohyun about Min having a son. Woohyun suddenly felt his heart beating fast, he had a feeling Min’s son was his. He didn’t say anything, he just nodded and slid down on his bed, pretending to be sleepy.


Minhyuk helps Min with the preparations. It was only a five hours before the start of Wooyoung’s party. His friends from pre-school and some relatives and friends from Busan are coming, he was excited. Hyomin arrives four hours before, she asks Min if they could talk in private, they went to the comfort room and locked it.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Hyomin started, she wasn’t angry. She was sad. And a little guilty.


With the look on her face, Min knew what she was referring to. She looked down for a while before slowly replying “I didn’t think it was necessary” she looked up with a small smile “he loves you and you love him. You’re both happy. I don’t want to break you two nor do I want us to be awkward with each other.”


“But Min…”


“Hyomin” she cut her, “I think it was for the best that I didn’t tell you. If I did, I don’t think you’ll be married to him now, hm? Besides, it doesn’t matter anymore now.”


Hyomin stayed quiet for a while before quietly speaking, “I’m pregnant”, she says


“Congratulations!” was Min’s sincere reply then hugs her, “I am so happy for you!” she continues but her friend looked sad.


“Are you going to tell Woohyun?” she asks Min, Min quickly shook her head.


“I don’t even talk to him anymore and besides, I don’t wanna ruin your family. Me and my son are happy with just the two of us, oh and Minhyuk, I don’t need to tell Woohyun”


Hyomin was about to say more, but she chose not to. She wasn’t gonna tell Woohyun about Wooyoung being his son. She wants Woohyun to concentrate on their baby, she’ll be quiet about it.


Hyomin became more and more distant but Min understood. She didn’t need to hear it from her. She was still hurt whenever she thinks of them, she gets hurt when she knows Wooyoung won’t meet his real father. But she’s guessing it’s okay. Minhyuk was being a great father to her son, and for that, she will forever be greatful to him.


Min and Minhyuk started dating when Wooyoung was already 7. They didn’t stayed in that stage for long as they got married 3 months after. Min fell in love with Minhyuk and she hadn’t realised that until one day, they were just talking and suddenly, she kissed him. It was just a soft peck on the lips, and from that, she knew it was Minhyuk. Cheesy as it is, she knew Minhyuk was the one.


One day, Min receives news that Hyomin had passed away. That she passed away from a car accident. The news was from Woohyun. Min attended the funeral with her family. There, Woohyun meets his son.


Woohyun tells Min that he read everything on Hyomin’s diary. She nodded, she understood. But she told him to not tell Wooyoung yet, he isn’t ready.


Woohyun understood. He looked to his side and saw his two children playing together, one was seven and one was 2. Minhyuk was looking after the two. Woohyun notices Minhyuk, notices how he’s lucky to have her, and how lucky she is to have him.


He loved Min, he still does. He just loves Hyomin more. But now that she’s gone, he’ll just concentrate on their daughter, HyoHyeon.


Min and her family says their condolences again. Min hugs Woohyun, their first hug after 7 years and then she leaves with her family.


Min and Woohyun meets again. They decide to meet at lunch, 11am. Min comes with Wooyoung, who is now 10, to the restaurant. There, Min tells Wooyoung everything. He took it well, hugged his father and talks about what they’ve missed. Minhyuk comes to pick them up at 1.30pm. Minhyuk shakes Woohyun’s hand then leaves with his family. On the way to the car, Min tells him what happened and asks if the father and son can meet again. To that, Minhyuk smiles as he nods, saying “He can meet his father whenever he likes”. He ruffles the 10 year old’s hair and unlocks the car doors.


Min is in-love with her family, and her family is in-love with her. She is more in-love now than she ever was with anyone and anything.

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