Dancing to His Rhythm


Seunghyun decides to go back to school, only to face difficulties he could never have imagined, his only hope being to catch the attention of the most popular guy at school.



Oops, I did it again! >.<

I'm thinking of specializing in starting new stories haha Xp


This story has been brewing inside my head for the past half a year or so, and it just can't wait any longer to come out.


It's a light school romance with short chapters and irregular update frequency.




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ILuvToDae 1 points #1
Chapter 12: Ohmigosh. Bae doesn’t even realize that the winds are beginning to shift. I’m so freaking excited about where this could go!!!
1 points #2
Chapter 12: OOOO, Looks Like things are getting interesting. I so look forward to all your updates :)..
moon_swan 1 points #3
Chapter 12: This story always leaves behind a very light feeling, which I really like !!!! Thank you! I wait very much for Seunghyon to get his reward!
1 points #4
Chapter 12: I'm weak~~SeungHyun was right, I've forgiven him already...

I hope everything goes well, and SeungHyun doesn't end up hurt.

Seeing the update for this story in my made my day, I'm super grateful that you are not giving up on this story~I'm definitely Looking forward to the next chapter!
1 points #5
Chapter 11: Sometimes, YoungBae is a little jerk. SeungHyun didn't deserve to be treated like that. My poor baby..
moon_swan 1 points #6
Thank you for update!!! ^^
ILuvToDae 1 points #7
Chapter 11: Awwwwwww... Poor Seunghyun... What’s the deal, Bae? You’re better than this. Don’t be unkind.
1 points #8
Chapter 11: omg, the angst, my heart... poor hyunnie!!!!! IDK if I want him to give Bae a good what for or to just ignore him and pretend he doesn't exist either. Neither answer is the adult one, but , look what he did. Just cuz he's scared of not being in his gigantic wardrobe of a closet.

Rant aside, I love this update, I am always happy to see an update from you!
2 points #9
Chapter 10: Gahhh, Oh these two. Seunghyun is so head over heals. An Bae, man is he cute. I just hope that Seungie can help him see the big gay light at the end of the denial tunnel
2 points #10
Chapter 10: Thank you so much for the update~~~~ I'm in love with these idiot. ~♡