The Charming Sea and The Enchanting Moon

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Wendy's a final year high school student while Irene is her psychiatrist.


"Even the moon needs time to be full again, what more a broken heart."


A wenrene version of my other-couple one shot, but I'm expanding this one to a chaptered story.





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I was surprised and wondered why i had so many new comments on this story. Such a pleasant surprise to receive nearing the ed of the year, thank you everyone for giving this story so much love and support ❤

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Seungseungwan 0 points #1
Chapter 14: Its 4am and im smiling and crying in bed! Thank you for this your writing is beautiful, i was so afraid of a sad ending but no it does not disappoint :') thank you for writing this!
0 points #2
Chapter 9: It's good to see yuri, seohyun, and taeyeon in the story. ?
0 points #3
Chapter 7: Jealous Irene is so cute
0 points #4
Chapter 5: Irene describing wendy as lady killer is very accurate ??
0 points #5
Chapter 3: You're doing great miss author, glad I found this story. I assume that you are a psychology student or a psychologist, you are great in expressing the deep thoughts of the character. You also have great knowledge regarding this kind of things and the atmosphere you set since the first chapter was great. Everything was great and it is interesting to see this kind of character especially wendy, without exaggerating much of how other people view about mentally unstable people, that wild and violent type. Your great miss author ☺️
gabyvallie #6
I finished the story just in 4 hours. Maybe. Or maybe more. Heh. I love the story line, plot and the flow. But it's really unfortunate to see the abrupt ending. Yet it's okay, because I'd still give this story an upvote. :) thank you for the hardwork author-nim.
TheMightyFall #7
Chapter 2: A part here just triggered me. But hey, wonderful writing :)
taenyulsic26 11 streak #8
Chapter 14: I dont understand the wendy being joy's future wife part? Can you enlighten me? But overall this is a very good story, seriously!
akkorra #9
Chapter 14: ohhh this is good thank you :')