29. Where Is He?

Heaven in You
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Where Is He?









It’s so dark he can’t see anything.


Where is he? Where is Tao? What happened?


Kris slowly cracks his eyes open, registering the blurry view in front of him. He frowns at the ugly white ceiling above him, not recognizing it as his bedroom’s.


“Oh my God, Yifan. You’re awake!”


A familiar voice rings in his ears and he turns slightly to see his mother’s happy face, her eyes wet with tears as she clutches his hand tightly.


“Gege, you’re awake!”


He darts his eyes and sees Sophia trying to wipe her tears with hands, sniffling softly with a runny nose.


“I’ll call the doctor.”


Kris hears his father’s voice and darts his eyes to see the man already walks over to the door, calling for the doctor or nurse.


“Yifan, how are you feeling, my baby boy?” His mother asks, leaning closer to brush some hair out of her son’s face.


“I’m fine.” Kris says softly, smiling weakly at his mother.


“Gege, are you okay? Are you in pain?” Sophia asks with teary eyes, clutching tightly onto Kris’ blanket.


“I’m okay, not really in pain.” Kris smiles, slowly lifting a hand and places it on Sophia’s head, patting her lightly. “What happened?” He asks, only to earn a glare from his mother.


“Oh God, how can you be so careless Yifan! How can you cross the street just like that! I—I was so—“ The woman trails off as she sobs again, quickly wiping her tears with a tissue.


Kris’ heart swells a little seeing his mother cry this much because of him. His mother did love him, he started to regret not noticing it earlier until Tao pointed it out.


“I’m sorry, mom.” He smiles apologetically and the woman waves a dismissive hand, wiping the last bead of her tears with a finger.


“The most important thing is you’re awake now.” She sighs, pulling Sophia closer to her and the little girl immediately clings to her mother as she sniffles softly into the dress.


Kris smiles back at the girl and reaches a hand to touch her head, running his fingers through the girl’s long hair.


His father comes back a moment later with a doctor and a nurse to check up on him. The other family members step away from the bed as they watch the doctor check on Kris, hoping that nothing serious happened to him. Kris does everything the doctor asks him to do, opening his mouth, moving his hands, moving his legs, and everything.


The doctor then shakes his head lightly as he stares at Kris, eyes wide in disbelief before turning around to look at the family.


“This is a miracle indeed.” He says, rubbing his chin in thought. “You were hit by a car, hard enough that you rolled over it, flying a few feet in the air before landing on the hard concrete. I predicted a concussion and lots of broken bones at least, but you’re... fine.”


“He’s fine? Really?” Mrs. Wu asks as her face brightens up at the information.


“Well, not completely fine since he’s bruised and scratched all over the place.” The doctor shrugs. “But considering how horrible the accident was, I can say that it’s a miracle he’s in this kind of state.”


Kris sees his mother sigh in relief and leans to her husband, letting the man wrap his arm around her as he smiles at Kris. Sophia is still clinging onto her mother, but she’s smiling widely at Kris, eyes lighten up happily.


“Oh, right.” His mother suddenly points out, “Can I let my son’s friends come in then?” She asks, looking at the doctor questioningly.


“Just make sure not to be too loud, he still needs some rest.” The doctor nods and turns his head over to Kris. “Well, I’ll get going first.” He nods his head once again and leaves the room.


The family thanks the doctor before turning their attention to Kris.


“Alright, Yifan, we’re going to take Sophia home.” His mother says, walking over to the bed to his head once again, though it earns a frown from Kris. He doesn’t really enjoy being treated like a baby after all, even when he’s in hospital like this. “Do you want to talk with your friends or do you want to rest?” She asks again with a smile.


“I want to talk with them.” Kris smiles and the woman nods before heading to the door, taking the family with her.


“Don’t tire yourself out, Yifan. We’ll be outside.” She says in playful warning and steps out of the door.


“Get well soon, Yifan.” The man says with a gentle smile and Kris smiles back, nodding his head lightly.


“Get well soon, gege!” Sophia yells cheerfully before her father carries her out of the room.


Kris lifts a hand for a short wave as the door closes, leaving him in silence. He closes his eyes as he thinks back about everything that happened to him.


He saw Chanyeol’s messages and left the restaurant, he drove to the apartment and stopped the car at the side. He was crossing the street when the car hit him. He remembered the pain, the blood, and how the darkness took over his vision before he lost consciousness. The next thing he knows, he’s awake in a hospital room with minor injury.


No, there’s something in between.


He dreamed about Tao who had wings on his back, the Tao who’s taking the form of an angel. He dreamed about Tao who kissed him, hugged him, telling him that he loves him. It was a very weird but beautiful dream.


How nice it would be if everything were real. How nice it would be if Tao was here, holding him close in his arms.


He misses Tao.


The door suddenly cracks open and the chattering sound immediately bursts into the room as a bunch of guys step in.


“Kris! I thought you died!”


“Yeah man, you scared us right there.”


“What did the doctor say? Did you hurt your precious brain?”


“Next time, watch the light before you cross the street.”


Kris smiles at his friends as they walk over to the hospital bed, examining their friend’s state. Even though they’re joking around, Kris can see the relieved look on their faces. He knows he is lucky to have these kinds of friends around him, the ones who worry over him for real.


“I won’t die that easily, and my brain is fine.” Kris huffs as he glances between his friends, trying to find a particular male. “Where’s Chanyeol?” Kris asks, frowning when he can’t find the latter.


The guys exchange glances with each other and Kris frowns even more at the sight, wondering what happened to his other friend. Was Chanyeol still mad at the fact that he read his message between Tao?


“Well, Chanyeol,“ Woohyun starts up, “he saw the accident right in front of his eyes and I think he’s a bit shaken or something. Last time I saw him, he’s comforting his boyfriend who’s crying hysterically and he also looked like he’s about to cry.”


Kris nods his head at the information and bites his lip in thought. He feels bad for his best friend and he hopes Chanyeol doesn’t think that this accident is caused by him, because it wasn’t, it’s because of him not crossing the street properly. Kris blinks a moment later when his brain fully registers the information. “Chanyeol has a boyfriend?”


“Baekhyun is not his boyfriend?” Hoya blinks.


“Baekhyun is his boyfriend?” Kris blinks back.


“Chanyeol’s relationship is always confusing, but anyway,” Woohyun cuts off with a wave of hand. “How are you feeling? Is there anything serious?”


“I’m good, just a minor injury.” Kris nods with a smile and the other guys gape in awe.


“Really? An angel must be protecting you then.” Myungsoo nods his head as he rubs his chin in thought.


Kris laughs at the words along with the other guys. It’s silly to believe that, but maybe an angel did protect him that time. Maybe it’s the angel in his dream, Tao.


Speaking of Tao, where is he now?


“Guys,” Kris calls out, immediately grabbing his friends’ attention as they lean closer to the bed. “Do you know anything about Tao?”


They all blink before turning their heads to each other, frowning slightly.


“Who is Tao?” Myungsoo asks with a frown.


Kris eyes widen at the response and he can hear his heart making a loud thud inside his chest.


“…What are you saying? Tao, Zitao, the first-year student.” Kris stutters, mouth gaping in disbelief as he glances between his friends who look just as confused as he is.


“There’s no first-year student named Zitao.” Myungsoo frowns and shakes his head.


“What?“ Kris blinks incredulously, “Zitao, my… ex-boyfriend.” He stutters, trying to ignore a slight pang in his chest upon saying the words ex-boyfriend.


“You have an ex?” Woohyun blinks rapidly.


it’s Zitao! He’s a first-year student in our university, studying economics. You guys even talked to him before!” Kris explains desperately, ignoring the pain that runs through his body as he sits up from the bed and gestures wildly with his hands.


“Kris, you’ve never told us anything about your ex and there’s no one named Zitao in our university.” Myungsoo says, giving a worried look at Kris.


“What? No way, Zitao is—“ Kris stammers, running a hand through his hair frustratingly and is quickly calmed down by Woohyun.


“Kris, calm down okay. Take a deep breath and calm down.” Woohyun coos, rubbing the male’s back reassuringly.


Kris closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, rubbing his temple with a hand to ease the dizziness. He briefly wonders if his friends are playing trick with him, but then he remembers that none of them are this good at acting.


“Can you please ask Chanyeol to come here, please?” Kris asks, eyes still closed as he tries to register everything that just happened.


“Alright, I’ll call him.” Hoya says, pulling his phone out before walking out of the room to make a call.


“You guys...“ Kris says, finally looking up to stare at his friends. “You guys really don’t remember about Tao? Not even a bit?”


They shake their heads in unison and Kris sighs again, running a hand through his hair.


What in the world is happening?


“Chanyeol will visit you once he has time, probably this week.” Hoya says suddenly as he opens the door and steps in.


“Alright, thank Hoya.” Kris purses his lips and nods, earning a wide grin from Hoya.


They continue to talk for a while, mostly about the accident and semester break that they’re going to have. Kris still asks about Tao once in a while only to get the same answer, they have no idea who Tao is, as if the male never existed at all.




The doctor told him this morning that he’s going to be discharged tomorrow and that he can start to do his daily routine without any problem. All of his wounds are almost healed and Kris is thankful for that, he is thankful for whatever miracle that he received on that day.


He decides that once he’s out of the hospital, he’s going to search for Tao. He still remembers the address after all, he just has to go there again and be more careful this time.


“How are you doing, buddy?”


Kris turns his head at the sudden voice and sees Chanyeol stepping into the room with a smile on his face.


“I’m doing good.” Kris says and sits on the side of the bed, waiting for Chanyeol to sit on a small couch next to the bed.


“Glad to see you’re doing well.” Chanyeol chuckles dryly, seeming out of his usual cheerful character even when he’s still plastering a grin on his face.


“Chanyeol,” Kris calls out and Chanyeol raises his brows questioningly. “Where is Tao?”


There is silence as Chanyeol darts his eyes away and his lips, shifting nervously on the couch. Chanyeol knows about Tao, that’s one thing Kris is sure of, and he probably won’t get a good answer about this, judging from the other’s reaction over the question.


“You know Tao, right? Why can't the others recall anything about Tao?” Kris asks, sounding frustrated and desperate.


“Because he doesn’t exist.” Chanyeol mutters softly, staring blankly at the wall across him.


“What?” Kris frowns and leans closer, trying to catch the words again.


“Tao, he...“ Chanyeol trails off, ruffling his own dark hair. “It’s a long story, Kris. I don’t know if—“


“Tell me.”


Chanyeol turns his head to Kris, seeing the determination and plea in the other’s hazel eyes and he sighs, leaning back to the couch.


“Alright, first of all, I don’t know if you’ve figured that Tao is not a human.” Chanyeol says, eyeing the other’s reaction carefully.


“What do you mean he’s not human?” Kris frowns and blinks.


“He is not a human, and neither am I.” Chanyeol says and suddenly stands up from his seat. He stares down at the human for a moment before he closes his eyes and spreads his wings.


Kris gapes at the sight of his friend who has a pair of black wings growing on his back, the bones are visible around the sides and they resemble bat wings. Kris’ eyes trace the bones as they reach up to the top of the wings, large ivory spikes

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