20. Worth It

Heaven in You
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Worth It





“You look so ing creepy grinning like that.”


“Shut up, Sehun.”


Tao glares, but then back to grinning again in a split second. Ignoring the confused angel who cringes at the sight of his best friend.


“Something good happened?” Sehun asks, sounding ignorant but is actually a bit curious about the thing that can make Tao grins like mad since morning. It is so creepy seeing Tao picked up the souls with a wide grin on his face. If they’re not angels, Sehun would really think that Tao is possessed by a demon.


Tao turns his head to Sehun, staring at the younger man before suddenly lets out a fluttering giggle, sending shivers down Sehun’s spine at the sudden outburst.


“Tao you’re really creepy right now, I’m not kidding.”


“Shut up Sehun, I’m just happy.” Tao huffs out, sticking his lower lip in an attempt to pout. Sehun rolls his eyes at the sight.


“Alright, what makes you so happy?” He sighs, running a hand through his dark hair.


“I—“ Tao pauses, giggling for some more before looking back to Sehun with a shy, sheepish smile. “I had with Kris.”


“, I shouldn’t have asked.” Sehun groans dramatically and Tao flies over to shove him into a nearby building, but the younger man manages to avoid it.


They end up flying higher and shove each other playfully in the air, under the silver moon and above the city lights. Sehun suddenly stops though, staring down at one of the buildings and Tao follows the other’s gaze, looking down at the rooftop of a skyscraper.


There’s a pair of white wings visible.


Both the boys exchange glances with each other before slowly landing on the rooftop, walking closer to the angel who’s crouching down and notice that it’s their best friend, Kyungsoo.


“Kyungsoo?” Tao calls out carefully, stepping closer to the cupid and Sehun follows.


The doe-eyed male lifts his head and looks up to them, tears pouring down from his round eyes, glistening under the moonlight. Kyungsoo is always so beautiful no matter what kind of expression he’s showing, but right now they’re more focused on the reason for his tears.


“What’s wrong?” Sehun steps forward and crouches down in front of the elder. Tao follows, crouching down on the other side and stares at Kyungsoo worriedly.


Kyungsoo lets out a sob before shaking his head, wiping the tears with the back of his hand but they’re still pouring down from eyes.


Tao frowns at the sight. Kyungsoo has always been a private person, he listens to everyone but rarely talks about himself. He keeps his problems to himself while listening to their nagging. Tao doesn’t really have a problem with that personality of Kyungsoo, but right now it’s a different story, and judging from Sehun’s frown, he knows that the younger is thinking about the same thing as him.


“Kyungsoo, we promised.” Tao starts up and Sehun continues. “No secret.”


Kyungsoo stares at them with glistening eyes for a moment before taking a deep breath. Tao and Sehun lean closer, anticipating an answer.


“I shot his heart.” Kyungsoo says softly with a shaky voice.


“Who?” Sehun frowns in confusion, so does Tao.




“You shot his heart?” Tao asks, his eyes widening in surprise. Sehun’s jaw drops a mere centimeter. “Does that mean he’s in love with—“


Tao knows it, Jongin is in love with Kyungsoo, but then the tears pour down from Kyungsoo’s eyes again as he nods his head.


“He’s now in love with Krystal…” He chuckles pathetically, laughing at himself.


Both the younger angels freeze at the answer as they stare at the sobbing cupid in front of them.


“What but—he kissed you...“ Tao gapes, eyes still wide from shock.


“But he doesn’t love me.” Kyungsoo smiles bitterly and the sight makes Tao’s heart break a little. He glances to Sehun and sees him with the same expression as himself, a shocked face with a glint of anger in his eyes.


Kyungsoo, their best friend, the gentlest angel, very loving and protective, the mother between them. Kyungsoo, who is able to tickle everybody’s heart with a smile. Kyungsoo, who is very kind and tender, totally doesn’t deserve to be treated badly or be harmed in any way.


And now Kyungsoo is crying, heartbroken, because of Jongin, who unfortunately happens to be their close friend, the closest human friend they ever had.


“Don’t be angry at Jongin.”


Kyungsoo suddenly says, probably noticing the murderous look on their faces.


“But Kyungsoo, Jongin—“ Sehun speaks up, anger lacing in his tone, something that rarely happened.


“Is your friend, is a good guy.” Kyungsoo cuts off, giving a bitter smile at both of them. “Jongin is a nice person, he’s a good friend of yours, isn’t he?”


“But he hurts you.” Tao shakes his head, gritting through his teeth and Sehun nods in agreement. “Someone who hurts my friend is not a nice person.”


“He doesn’t mean it, he has no idea about anything. He’s a human.” Kyungsoo says meekly, another drop of tears trail down his cheek. “He’s very kind to you, I can see that. He has always been a warm and kind person, you must keep him as a friend.”


“But he makes you like this…” Sehun murmurs under his breath, his eyes showing conflict inside his head.


“It’s my fault Sehun, I just repeat the same mistake.” The elder shakes his head lightly, smiling at his own dumbness.


“What do you mean by the same mistake?” Tao asks, brows furrowing together in confusion.


Kyungsoo stares between Tao and Sehun, contemplating about something before he sighs softly. He then changes his crouching into a sitting position, something more comfortable. Both the younger boys follow him, sitting on the ground making a small circle.


“Five years ago, I fell in love with Jongin.”


The boys end up spending the night on the rooftop, listening to a very long story of Kyungsoo and how he fell in love with Jongin long before they met again in the university.




Even though Kyungsoo told them to keep being friends with Jongin, it's not as easy as he thinks.


Perhaps it’s how Tao unconsciously frowns or throws a glare, but Jongin avoids any eye contact and decides to take a seat a bit far from them. Sehun always has a face since he was born, but perhaps it’s the coldness of his eyes that pushes Jongin into the corner, creating a wall between them.


Because no matter how close they’re to Jongin, Kyungsoo has been their friend for the longest time.


Though there’s something different about Jongin.


He is never seen with Krystal anymore and doesn’t seem to hang around the campus after class like what he usually did. He also smiles less and seems to be frustrated about something.


Sehun is the first one to notice and he tells Tao about it. No matter how mad they’re to Jongin, seeing the latter in this state actually worries them a bit.


They decide to keep an eye at both Jongin and Kyungsoo for some more time before they meddle in. Sure Kyungsoo doesn’t enjoy people meddling in his business and so does Jongin, but they can’t just stay quiet and watch.


But then again, what can they do for them?




“Have you ever kissed someone you don’t love?”


Tao suddenly asks while leaning on Kris who’s watching TV on the couch. Kris shoots him a look before turning back to the TV.


“I have.”


Tao’s eyes widen in shock and he quickly jerks back, sitting up straight as he stares at Kris.


“So it’s normal to kiss someone you don’t love?” Tao asks meekly, face turning into a sad frown and Kris briefly thinks that his face resembles a sad panda.


“You did it too right?” Kris turns off the TV and stares intensely, making Tao shrink a bit under the stare.


“What? I kiss you because I love you—“


“You kissed Sehun, does it mean you loved him?”


Tao gapes at the question, opening and closing his mouth repeatedly without any words coming out. He darts his eyes away and chews on his bottom lip nervously.


“I-It was just a game.” Tao reasons out.


“But you still kissed him right?”


Tao barely realizes that Kris has inched closer until he feels a breath tickling his face. He’s still keeping his eyes away from Kris as he gulps at how fast his heart is racing right now.


“Are you...“ Tao stutters, his lips nervously, ”Are you jealous, Kris?” The question sounds like a soft whisper but Kris still catches it perfectly. He moves closer and presses his lips against the younger’s ear, feeling Tao tenses slightly as he breathes against the ear.


“I am.”


The deep timbre whisper is all Tao hears before he feels a hand grab onto his chin to turn his head, and then a pair of lips crashes onto his own, kissing him hungrily with a sense of dominance.




It’s a good thing that angels have a very good recovery rate, or else Tao is sure that he won’t be able to attend the class today. Who knows Kris can be so gentle in usual days yet turns into not-so-gentle when he’s in the sheet, not that Tao is complaining.


“Let me guess, you just had again?” Sehun asks, brows furrowing in disgust before he makes an abrupt move, avoiding a pencil that Tao sends flying towards him.


Tao is about to grab another pencil to throw when a figure suddenly stands in front of their seats. Both the angels look up to see Jongin, hair disheveled with a pair of eyes looking tired and sad.


“Guys, I know that you’re angry at me but—I need help.” Jongin says weakly, face drooping like a dejected puppy and before they know it, both of them already nod their heads at the request.


Somehow, they end up at Jogin’s huge apartment and Tao starts to wonder if everyone in the university is loaded. Then he remembers that he’s attending one of the biggest universities in the city, thank heavens they’re taking care of the tuition and living expenses for every angel on earth.


“Alright, what do you want?” Sehun asks curtly, leaning back to the bouncy couch Jongin has in his living room.


Tao leans back against the couch too, eyeing Jongin who’s having his body hunched forward, hands clasping together as he keeps on biting his plump lip nervously.


“I just—I don’t know what to do now.” Jongin trails off, earning a confused look from both the boys.


“Do what?” Tao asks, brows furrowed in confusion as he leans forward.


“Kyungsoo avoids me.” Jongin says weakly and Sehun huffs before rolling his eyes.


“You kissed him but then you dated Krystal.” Sehun mutters under his breath but it doesn’t go unnoticed by Jongin as the latter lifts his head and raises a brow questioningly.


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