Dilemma #5

His Plus-One Dilemma (Minor Editing in Progress)
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Baekhyun ran two hands over his face, trying to get some blood flowing to his brain. He was working more than ever; the number of emails bouncing into his inbox every minute proved it.

Ignoring them as best as he could, he concentrated on the contract on his desk. Cho Kyuhyun, the ‘gaming guy’ whose start-up company GaemGyu Games Kris had discovered, had signed an exclusive contract with them and now they were in the process pf nutting out the finer details of the capital investment.

Kyuhyun was a tad bit pessimistic, pedantic and paranoid that everyone was trying to steal his ideas. Thankfully he was also bloody brilliant. Baekhyun just had to keep him on a short leash—which was extremely difficult and taking up too much time and energy.

A knock at the door and a glance at the watch strapped to his wrist told him that it was three already. Damn it. Rubbing a hand up at the back of his neck, he called, “Come in.”

The door was opened tentatively, followed by a head poking around the door. “Hey you.”


After their date some days ago he’d emailed her with half a dozen questions—basic stats about age, family, schooling. Then she’d called, suggesting they get together for a ‘get to know one another’ in a ‘pretend we’ve had a few dates already’ kind of way. He’d told her to make an appointment, hoping she might waver. Alas, she wasn’t easily swayed.

Her hair was tucked beneath the same fedora from her online profile picture and she was wearing a lace top with harem pants. There were gold sandals that were tied up over her ankles, an oversized cardigan was draped around her shoulders and around her neck was a scarf long enough that a lesser woman would have stopped under its weight.

A thread of tension shot through him, landing with a twitch at the corner of his right eye as he considered what his family would be expecting. Certainly not this petite creature who looked as if she might start sprouting poetry or drawing in chalk on his office floor.

What had he been thinking?

She shot him a quick smile as she took a curious tour about the room, her wide eyes shadowed beneath her hat, her lips soft and pink. The memory of how they’d felt beneath his own hit him and hit him hard—her gentle heat, her soft sighs, her sweet response that had at something deep inside him. Okay, so he’d been thinking of kissing her from nearly the moment he saw her.

She unhooked a satchel from her shoulder and dumped it unceremoniously on the sleek cream leather couch on one side of the room, bending over to rummage through it, giving him a nice view of a pretty fine backside. She might be slight, but he’d felt enough curved as she’d pressed into him to give any red-blooded man pause.

“Gotcha!” she said, standing upright, her profile lit with a happy little smile.

Contentment, he thought again, feeling something akin to envy at her easy pleasure.

 He ran a hand up the back of his head several times to get his brain in gear. It was fine. Under other circumstances their unexpected chemistry might be a hindrance, but in this case it would help make them convincing.

And the deal was a good one. Haerim seemed cluey—the kind of person who just got on with things. She didn’t seem demanding, or clingy, or prone to tea

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