The Wild Card


It was a very comfortable arrangement.

After everything's been settled down, she's free to go and he will be able to do whatever he wanted.

He was finally with the girl of his dreams, the girl he has been in love with.

But, then realization hits them like a ten wheeler truck.


She wasn't free anymore.

Was he really in love with her?




"I only want the best for you."

"Us? There is no us, the two of us are both lies. Everything about us is."

"Stay with me, you're all I have left."


"I wish I could love you."




credits to Pinkjin for the poster

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Chapter 40: Sequel sequel sequel
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Chapter 12: I don’t know why my heart keeps ddumm dapp dumm dapp while reading this.. ??
Leyla_99 #3
Chapter 40: nice.. but i hope for the sequel though. hahahahahahahah! good job authornim
Chapter 40: It was a really cute story. Loved it.
Yoongi1230 #5
Chapter 40: This was such a cute story!!! Super to the point and not draggy or even have unnecessary drama!!!
purplelish #6
Chapter 40: i definitely LOVE this!! one of the best!! I like how the character developed over the chapters!! xx
dreamerc #7
Chapter 40: Ughhh I loved this story!!! Their relationships are so sweeetttttt.
Congrats on getting featured
bluemaple #9
Congrats!! :)
alienatedhuman #10
congrats on getting featured ♡