The Angry Little K-Pop Star

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Jiyong Kwon moves from Seoul Korea to the make-believe city A.K.A Los Angeles. He goes to a new school called Celeb High School where the best of the best go to mingle. Being the only Asian superstar there, it's him against the world. He is outcast by the popular kids like Kim Kardashian and others like her. He's in for a surprise when 4 best buddies want him onto their squad of friends. Will the five "wierdos" survive the crushing boots of highschool and over come things like racisim, isim or just plain idiots? Or fall into the crack of stupidity.


Name: Jiyong Kwon

Year: Softmore

Nicknames: G-Dragon, Angry Little Asian Boy, Gangdam Style kid (Lol wut XD) Asian slurs

Birthday: August 18

Quotes: "Grr! I'm JUST ANGRY!!!"

Name: Chris Brown

Year: Softmore

Nicknames: CB, Chris Breezy, any offensive words for black people (I can't say them)

Birthday: May 5th

Quotes: "Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to."

Name: Cody Simpson

Year: Junior

Nickname: Red-neck, Aussie, Coco

Birthday: January 11th

Quotes: "That's racist mate."

Name: Andy Biersack

Year: Junior

Nickname: Emo, cutter, Andy Sixx, attention

Birthday: December 26th

Quotes: "A saviour will be there, when you're feeling alone."

Name: Melanie Martinez

Year: Freshmen

Nickname: Border jumper, Goth, bunny rabbit, crybaby

Birthday: April 28th

Quotes: " You call that your own, we call it silicone."

Based of the Comic Angry Little Asian Girl by Lela Lee --->

Warning: Racial slurs will be used but censored for people. Some content will be offensive. Please note that I am not racist (with me being a minority myself). Based on real fanwars ( 1D Vs K-pop) Do not read if you get easily offendened. Thank You


Deja-Chan (Writer)



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