road to everywhere


In which anonymity in SM Town is a thing of the past and hostility runs rampant, Sooyong is this close to tearing Kris's head off his shoulders, Minhee somehow gets an internship and makes it her life mission to get through the impassable firewall Sehun's built just to spite him, a flicker of the fire in Minah's eyes begin to return, and EXO and LILAC have a tentative allyship they never really bother discussing the terms of.

In other words, life moves on and so do they, at least they try to. But the past comes back to haunt them in more ways than one, manifesting into their own personal monsters, demons either roaring from within the deepest, darkest depths of their minds or demons carefully biding their time in the crooks and crannies of narrow alleyways, dingy bars, and behind university bookshelves.

No matter how hard they try to suffocate their monsters, they seem to be everywhere, and Jessica finds solace in two boys she knows care for each other more than they'd ever care for her.

A little voice in her head whispers that this will only end badly.

Yet she can't seem to keep away.



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"There are no good girls gone wrong - just bad girls found out."
- Mae West


"Do you..." She curls her fingers around the blanket draped around her shoulders, "Do you think it's possible to be in love with more than one person at a time?"

Her voice echoes in the dark room, the sound of a car skidding around the corner in the distance loud even here.

"I don't know," He pauses, swallowing anxiously, and stares up at the ceiling, his eyes following the ceiling fan around and around and around, his Adam's apple bobbing in place, before he repeats the sentence again, "I don't know."







A Jessica Spinoff-slash-Kinda-Sequel (Spiquel??) of Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere (which you should probably read to understand backstory and context and who everyone is).

**This story won't be very focused on BaekYong and it will tie up some loose ends from silver river (the good girls jongdae prequel), though you def don't have to read that to get this! It's just the reason why I didn't update this for so long, since I was working on silver river lol

genre: fluff, a couple chapters probably, angst, mafia, drama

rating: R

notes: I really wanted to expand on Jessica's story and also I can't seem to let this world go :(. I do think that Baekhyun/Sooyong's story wrapped up nicely and writing solely about them would be really repetitive. Just as a heads up tho, I reallyyyy hate love triangles so this isn't going to run like that. Thank you to everyone that had been following Good Girls and I hope you all enjoy this too! I love you all <3

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