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If you were mine...


“Yah Lee Donghae! What the hell?” Hyoyeon wriggled against his tight grasp.

“Looks like you really want to be kissed by me, Hyoyeonnie,” Donghae grinned like he was still 5 years old or something and pursed his lips, “chuuu~~”

Closing his eyes, he moved his face closer.

Hyoyeon sighed, while in the background, Hyukjae let out an awkward cough.

"You’re so immature!" Saying this Hyoyeon jerked her head forward and knocked his forehead with hers.

Instantly, he let go with a loud whelp, “Ouch! That hurt, woman!”

“So stop playing around,” she stuck her tongue out.

‘Aish’ Donghae rubbed his head, ‘What if I wasn’t dummy’ he mumbled under his breath but Hyoyeon was too far to hear him. She was now standing by the kitchen door “Anyway Romeo, save the sweet talk for your poor appa! He’s waiting for you in his office.”

“Crap! Credit card bill?”

She nodded with a sigh, “When are you gonna grow up, Donghae ya?”

Pat came the reply, “When you agree to be with me,” and then sensing that Hyoyeon was about to smack him again, he ran towards the end of the hallway to see his father. It was only his voice that could be heard after that, “I’m only going out with all these expensive girls because you won’t date me! So take responsibility, Hyo! If not for me, for my dad's sake!”

“Why you little..! Putting the blame for your player ways on me now?” Hyoyeon yelled after him but the door to Mr. Lee’s office had already opened and closed.




She turned her attention back to the café and realizing that Hyukjae was still there, smoothed her hair back in place and shot him an embarrassed smile, “I swear, I think that boy still believes we’re 5 or something.”

Hyukjae grinned back. He knew his best friend well enough. “Oh, I'm sure he really does.”


The chairs had all been cleaned and placed on the tables since the café was already closed so Hyukjae leaned back against the cutlery and serviettes station. Hyoyeon was busying herself behind the counter, “Coffee?”

“Yeah thanks, Americano with..”

“Double sugar and  a caramel shot?” Hyoyeon finished for him and grinned, “I remember.”

“You’re good!” He gave her a thumbs up and waited silently while she got his drink ready. It was taking much longer than he expected so he walked over and looked behind the counter – he found her decorating two perfect looking pieces of strawberry cheesecake.

So focused was she on her task that he was sure she didn’t even notice him standing there.

He watched in admiration as she created intricate patterns of chocolate swirls and ribbons on the tiny desserts. Once finished, her deft fingers began to mould petals and flowers out of brightly coloured sheets – it was like magic.



When she was finally done Hyukjae began clapping enthusiastically; scaring her a little, “Oh my lord! When did you get here?”

“At step 3 maybe?” he laughed and held the cake closer for inspection. “You’re really talented!”

She simply shrugged, “I’m a passionate learner but nowhere as naturally talented as Seohyun, our pastry chef.”

“And modest too,” Hyukjae added with twinkling eyes.

Hyoyeon threw back her head and laughed, “Believe me, I’m not one for false modesty! I admit to things I’m good at quite shamelessly.”

“And what would that be?”

“Dancing,” she replied and then quirked her eyebrows, “although Donghae keeps telling me that you’re really good too so maybe I shouldn’t have said that!”

“Right, I’ve heard the same about you. You should come by the studio sometime.”

“Maybe someday, but work keeps me too busy right now.”



She walked over and pulled down two chairs.

“My mom used to say that one should always sit down when eating!”

“Thanks, aren’t you having yours now?” he asked as he started to dig in.

“Oh that? I’m saving it for Donghae.” She glanced towards the hallway. “Speaking of the angel, when do you think we should intervene?”


“I’m sure they haven’t even started discussing the bills yet! Donghae’s report card was mailed last week too.”

“Crap! You’re right!” she nodded and settled herself in her seat. ‘This might be take a while.’



“Wow this is really really good!” Hyukjae drew her attention back.

“Thanks.”  Hyoyeon cleared , “So, what’s new with you?”

New? Everything?” Hyukjae laughed and Hyoyeon joined in.  “It has been a long time since we met, right? Like six months?”


“The last time you were working as a choreographer for that Dance Studio downtown, was it?”

“Yeah, I quit last month.”


“I realized I had a lot more to learn so I’m taking more classes right now!”

“That’s cool.”

“And you?”

“Just work, work, work but oddly enough, it doesn’t feel like it since everyone here is so awesome. I feel like it’s play-day every day to be honest.” Her eyes sparkled when she talked about the café.

“Maybe I should put in an application too, then?”

They shared another laugh.


( Mini Backstory: Donghae and Eunhyuk have been roommates for the past three years and lived right in the heart of downtown, almost an hour away; while the Cafe was located in the suburbs – just a fifteen minute walk from Donghae’s dad’s house. But although Donghae dropped by twice a month to spend weekends with his dad and Hyoyeon, he usually made those trips alone. The childish reason being that he wanted all their love and attention on himself alone.

So Hyoyeon usually met Donghae’s friends once every year at Donghae’s birthday party and then sporadically – mostly when Donghae got in trouble with his father and needed back-up. This was how Hyoyeon and Hyukjae had gotten to know each other – Hyukjae was Donghae’s backup and Hyoyeon – his dad’s.)



A/N Sorry for the long wait and the boring chapter. There's so much drama later on but because I focused too much energy on that, the beginning is coming out really slow! But thank you to all who subscribed. I hope you'll stick around for the fun stuff.

One more thing.. This story might turn into a rated one.. although I am not completely decided. I've never written (R) stuff before but I think the story might require it. It won't be too over the top graphic or anything but.. i don't know. please let me know your thoughts- yay or nay? I will go with the popular vote because i can't decide :D

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i just finished the next chapter. tempted to update but will give it a day for other readers to catch up, so stay tuned XD

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