One Week in Seoul


Your boss doesn’t like you, but you got the opportunity to show him the opposite. You go on a trip to Korea to make in his mind a special film. But you had never thought that this opportunity will open you a door that actually seems to be closed forever.



You work for a TV host and your boss don’t like you and want you out. But some other coworkers were fighting for you. So he gave you an opportunity to make a little film about something you like but it can’t be a normal film. It has to be special and you only get money for flight and hotel for 1 week. You choose Korea. Since you learned Korean for 4 years and never had money and time to travel there you would use the only opportunity that gives you this possibility. But you never thought that this week will change everything you dreamed of… and that you only will come back to your hometown to get all your stuff you need for living… somewhere else.

[Age and appearance of the characters might be slightly different from reality.]
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