The Most Beautiful Moments in Life


All Hoseok wanted was Taehyung back. Never did he think that he'd lose his best friend. Never did he think that he'd be next. All he wanted was for someone to care. For someone to hold him tight, to make him feel good about himself, to make him think that love is not over.  He wanted that person, that one human who'll make him feel... normal

Kim Taehyung was that person. He was that person who told Hoseok he was special. The one who held Hoseok tightly and loved him with all his might. Day by day, night by night, Taehyung thought of Hoseok and reminded himself to tell Hoseok how important he was. To Taehyung, Jung Hoseok was the most important thing to him.
Both males didn't know what was coming their way. They weren't ready. Not in a million years did they think something so tragic would happen. Somehow, in some tragic way, Taehyung would be pulled out of Hoseok's life in an instant. And Hoseok would be nothing but the same old thing he was before.


Hey guys! Recently I've been in a really angsty mood, and I've been very caught up on V-Hope (fuuuuuuu-) 

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