Held for Questioning

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I was just a simple person who was living  life peacefully then suddenly,  I saw a girl at the back of my pick up truck. Then I heard a police officer blow his whistle and ran towards me . He handcuff me and said;


“Hey miss! Come with us. You are held for questioning” 


And darn,  I was under arrest for kidnapping.



Yulsic drabble story  by your Author Nerd haha. If you like anything in random,  you might consider reading this \^o^/

Happy Lunar New Year! :-) updated chapter 5 readers

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Trez17 #1
Chapter 5: Author pls update this story
11 streak #2
Chapter 5: Author.. I have just found this... This is very well written.. Please update?
Enssei #3
Chapter 5: I need moreeee TT
This storie is so good
williammozart #4
Chapter 5: Wowwwwww
191 streak #5
Chapter 5: Hi authourssi when can you update this amazing fic of yours?
My_J418 #6
Chapter 5: Wow..Taeny's accidental kiss..please update
191 streak #7
Chapter 5: Hahaha yes fany put it on youtube... I want to know what what tae thinks about the kiss hehehe...
crazykwonyurifan #8
Chapter 4: Oh my Yulsic heart beating fast, why kwon seobang is so Dense, just get your seobang sica..
Queens_Royal #9
your account name is cute..i'm subscribe just because of it hahaha
HungryDog #10
Chapter 5: Post it on YouTube Fany! Taetae must be so cute. Lol even the real Yul is dense! Just say ILY sica!