The Forgotten
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Have you ever been in a coma for 2 years?

Do you have dyslexia or any kind of brain condition?

Are you a freshmen in highschool at the age of 17?

Have you ever been bullied and avoided in school?

Well maybe you have experienced one or more of these things.

But for me, I'm all of that.

A dyslexic, used to be comatose patient, still a freshmen in highschool at 17, bullied and avoided for being weird,

Kim Jongin.


And when I thought my life couldn't get any worse,

I end up being haunted by an amnesic ghost who has a reading obsession.






Author's note:

Still unsure about alot of things for this fic so updates may be slow.

This might be a bit weird

But I really wanted to write it haha

Its been in my head since I posted my second fic

I hope you like it though.

Thanks for reading

Please share your thoughts. :D

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Chapter 2: Taemin ghost? Interesting...
woosansweetkins #2
Chapter 2: Is jongin unconscious ? Aww... I can not wait for the next chapter . I hope you continue this authornim
Shihaam1 #3
Chapter 2: This Is Getting Even More Interesting Then I Thought I Can't Wait To See What's Going To Happen Next Between Jongin & Taemin:D
Shihaam1 #4
Chapter 1: This TaeKai Story Is Interesting & Mysteries I Can't Wait To See What Happens Next:D
woosansweetkins #5
Chapter 1: This story about taekai right? Or more Jongin life? but I hope this story basic taekai and I feel this story will be interesting. cant wait for chapter 1
woosansweetkins #6
Update soon