The Tale Of A Lion Heart

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Okay this fiction is about Yul's love story and Yul's life. Mostly there will be Yul POV in each chapter. Kekeke. It's about others SNSD's members and other group too. I guess you will understand the storyline after reading my update. I hope you will understand the whole story because I will explain it in each chapter. Maybe? So please support me. :D


The story will tell you about how Yul meet this and that girl, how he manage his duty, his job and many more. I will try my best to explain or to write a story one by one, each of them. I'm really going to put my all to this story. ;D


Nine to eight, eight to five. No matter what had happened it will always be 9 in my heart. Forever love. <3



It's gonna have YulSic, Yul+Jiwon, YulTi, YulKrys, YoonYul, SunRi and YulSeo's pairings too. Or maybe I should just say that this story involved many girl in Yul's life which is almost all of SNSD's member fall in love with him? It might be really complicated and I hope you guys will wait for it patiently and stay with me until the end of this story. PLUS, I will add Sunny+Hyomin couple and Soo+Eunji.



With title 'He's A Lion Heart (A Lifetime Loving You)', doesn't mean it's all about 'love'. This story also tells about our daily life, family, friends, justice and more. There might be a boring scene in a few chapter because I will only write about what they are doing but still I hope you guys enjoy this story. Thank you for your support. ;D



I have my own way to write the story and of course you guys are welcome to give your ideas for the story. My way in writing the story might be complicated because sometimes I really love to write every chapter in details. I will try my best not to disappoint my readers. :D







Main character:


-Prince Zachary Kwon Yul-

Date of birth : 05th December 1987.

Eldest son from 3 siblings.

Siblings : Prince Xavier Kwon Jiyong & Prince Arthur Kwon Soohyun.


His love life is so complicated as there's so many girl had fell for him. He's manly and a very well manner guy yet he's kind of cold too sometimes. Well it's his natural self for being cold. He has a bad temper but he still can control it. His life become so complicated because of the prophecy. He can be all sweet and such a gentleman too. He is totally a definition of 'perfect'. 




Supporting role:


-Lieutenant General Hillary Kim Hyo-

Date of birth : 22th September 1987.

The only child of The Kim's.


He is so passionate with his work as Yul's guardian. He's so loyal towards him. He's always with Yul when he need him. Hyo is a kind of guy that would love to make people laugh but not in front of his boss. He's so damn serious when he's with him. No jokes, no fool around. He respect him that much. 




-Lieutenant General Samuel Choi Soo-

Date of birth : 10th February 1990.

Second son between 4 siblings. 

Siblings : General Andre Choi Siwon, Colonel Gerald Choi Minho & Major Blaine Choi Sulli.


Same as Hyo, Soo is also passionate with his work, loyal to his boss and of course he's dorky as Hyo. He used to eat a lot. Since they move to Korea, Soo found his true love. Someone he will never let go of. Even though his situation making it difficult but he always fight for her. 




-Lieutenant General William Park Hyomin-

Date of birth : 30th May 1987.

The only child of The Park's. 


He is the third guard of Yul. He's a best friend of two of them. Actually the three of them are best friend. Loyal to his boss too. He is so smart, have a good manner, also, he fell in love easily. No matter how much he told himself not to fall in love with her but he just can't hold it anymore. He let himself fall in love with her even though he know that it is a wrong thing to do.




-Prince Xavier Kwon Jiyong-

Date of birth : 18th August 1989.

The second son out of 3 siblings.

Siblings : Prince Zachary Kwon Yul & Prince Arthur Kwon Soohyun.


He's the most shy one among his siblings. He didn't talk too much with stranger and totally strict with the people around him as he think that thing is needed to make them stay respect at him. He's not strict all the time, it's just for a certain time. Jiyong really loves to pampering his little twin brother, Soohyun.




-Prince Arthur Kwon Soohyun-

Date of birth : 1989.

A youngest one out of 3 siblings.

Siblings : Prince Zachary Kwon Yul & Prince Xavier Kwon Jiyong.


He's really close to Yul than his own twin. He's close to Jiyong too but he's closest to Yul more. Even though he's a youngest one he never act like one. Well, when he's with his family he will act like a youngest one but in front of other people he's such a fine gentleman. 




-Prince Eric Yoon Taeng-

Date of birth : 09th March 1987.

Eldest son of 3 siblings.

Siblings : Princess Elizabeth Yoon Myungjoo & Princess Elizareth Yoon Hyuna.


Best buddy of Yul. He's a prince from other country. A very matured guy, a guy that you can count on to. He had known Yul since they were little. He had always thought of Yul as his little brother even though they are only a few months apart. He never know love. He had never been in love before but he's still a . Definition of 'byuntae' to be exact. 





Main character:


-Jessica Jung Sooyeon-

Date of birth : 18th April 1989.

Eldest daughter from 2 siblings.

Siblings : Krystal Jung Soojung.


There is a guy that always courting her and being there for her whenever she's feeling down and happy. He's the only guy she's admire but not until this one guy start to court her. Even though she's cold towards other people, she can't be cold towards him. She's a melting ice when she's in front of him. But she's not always melting, she built a wall between them because she's afraid of getting hurt. 




-Kim Jiwon-
Date of birth : 19th October 1992.
Youngest one between 3 siblings.
Siblings : Kim Taehee & Kim Leewan.
They accidentally met at the restaurant. They don't even know each other but one day he show an interest in her. She seems interested in him but she didn't follow her heart that much thinking that she only like him as a friends since their status is far too different from each other. 




-Tiffany Hwang Miyoung-

Date of birth : 01st August 1989.

Youngest one between 3 siblings.

Siblings : Leo Hwang Minwoo & Michelle Hwang Mihyun.


She's a happy go lucky eyes smile princess like she always do. Even though she's breaking up with Nichkhun, they still contact with each other. One day, he come in her life, things get complicated since then.




-Krystal Jung Soojung-

Date of birth : 24th October 1994.

Youngest one between 2 siblings.

Siblings : Jessica Jung Sooyeon.


She loves him too much. She want to be by his side every single moment of her life but she can't. That guy will never let her go. He once said that he loves her too much so she can't let her go. She ignore that guy and come to him. But he seems ignoring her. That hurt her. 


-Im Yoona-
Date of birth : 30th May 1990.
Youngest one between 2 siblings. 
Siblings : One older sister. 
Giving her all to him. Falling for him deeply. She got her eyes on him since a long time ago. She hide her feeling. There's too many obstacle to make him hers. He's way too high from her. She can't reach him. 



-Sunny Lee Sunkyu-

Date of birth : 15th May 1989.

Youngest daughter between 3 siblings.

Siblings : Lee Eunkyu & Lee Jinkyu. 


She dare to die just to be with him knowing that his parents didn't really like her being together with him. She is a bright woman. An energy to the people around her. She never disappoint her best friend. She understand him the most between his girls. 




-Seo Juhyun-

Date of birth : 28th June 1991.

The only child of The Seo's. 


A guy lay his eyes on her. 'Seobaby' a nickname he always call her. A pet name that she love. Even though it takes her a very long time to finally capture his heart. She take a challenge to make him fall for her bravely. He's totally a lion heart to begin with. 






Hello there readers. I decided to change the title from He's A Lion Heart (A Lifetime Loving You) to The Tale of a Lion Heart. I'm afraid you guys got confused so I hope you guys wont because it is still the same story. Kekeke ;D

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