Keep That Cute Little Pout to Yourself
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Taemin and Jongin have been an official couple for a week now but there's still a question that's been lingering in Jongin's mind that needs an answer.

They were on their usual morning routine when both of them had no morning class and Jongin decides to ask.


"Hmmm?" Taemin hums in reply , still focused on his cooking.

"What does " I pout because I like you" mean?" He questions

"It means what it means." Taemin answered, still focused on his task.

"Well I dont get what it means, so tell me." 

Taemin didn't answer immediately but fter a few seconds Jongin could just see his shy pouty face as he replied

"Someone told me pouting would make me look attractive and you won't be able to resist me and I... well I wanted you to like me." 

"Whaat? Yaah so you did it on purpose huh." Jongin says in a playful manner as he laughed at Taemin's naivety.

"Sometimes, but eventually it became a habit... Jonginnie can you taste this?" Taemin turns holding a ladle towards Jongin, a hint of blush visible on his cheeks.

Jongin walked towards Taemin, stood beside him and wrapped one arm on Taemin's skinny yet curvy waist.

"Who told you that anyway?" He asked as he took a sip from the ladle Taemin was holding, curious who the hell it was that caused all his frustrations.

Taemin looked him in the eye as if Jongin should've already known the answer

"It was Jonghyun hyung"

Jongin almost choked after hearing what he said

all he could say in disbelief was








Author's note:

Yes, Jonghyun was the cause of all his misery.

Hahhaha but he was also their cupid in a way.

He had fun watching his friend struggle with his feelings

But he realized it was time to take action HAHA

Thats thaaaaat! I will miss writing this fic.

Thank you sooooo much for reading!!

I really hope you enjoyed the story.


Thats all. Lets all continue loving TAEKAI <3

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I put all the scenarios in ch 15 :)

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Chapter 15: Sequel pls.....
falcon_doraaa #2
Chapter 15: awww..please continue to write this story jaebal~ this is sooooo cute!
Taekaiforever #3
Chapter 15: I love it! Please write more taekai ><
Taekaiforever #4
Chapter 8: Finally you realize it kim jongin!
Taekaiforever #5
Chapter 2: Aww taemin is adorably annoying~ ♡♡
noomin #6
love itttttttt
Chapter 2: Gosh this was so cute ...aww i loved jinki as well hehehe and yesssshhhh taekai is real ☺️❤️
Chapter 15: Cute cute cute ♡♡♡♡♡♡
woosansweetkins #9
Just share more. I'll be love it :-)
Shihaam1 #10
I Enjoy Reading The Story TaeKai's The Sweetest Cutest Adorable Amazing & Fun Loving:DI Was Wondering If The Scenarios Can Be Chapters & Not Scenarios Please:D