delightful swirls {one-shot collection} [ hiatus ]


One-shots that revolve around the different and unique flavors of ice-cream. Accepting suggestions!
c r è m e   g l a c é
Such a simple pleasure.
The fleeting taste of something sweet; a flavor that melts upon the slightest touch.
Perhaps a bittersweet chocolate, a gentle vanilla, a zesty lemon.
Would you fancy one as well?


 caramel swirls {jinyoung} - When Airi wakes up in the hospital with no memory, she has no clue who she's with and why she's there. She is taken in by someone who is strangely familiar; he claims that he's her uncle! Bits of her memory start to reappear, and her first love pops up again in her mind. Oddly enough, he looks exactly like the stranger's nephew?!
honest blueberry {minwoo} - There's a candy store that's rumored to sell candy that causes miracles. Soo-Mi just broke up with Minwoo; she's lost and confused. She indulges herself in these rumored candies, and finds herself in a little twist- she's traveled back in time. To her surprise, she goes back three years to meet herself with she was still in middle school. 
bittersweet mint {taemin and key} - Procrastination is the definition of many of our lives. When Taemin and Key decide to raise a rabbit together, they're sure that they'll take great care of it. 
rainbow sorbet {myungsoo/L}
he's bananas! {zelo}
forever lime {l.joe} 
comforting café latte 
onwards to rocky road {hoya}
red velvet (rated M for violence) {g-dragon}
gentle vanilla {sandeul}
one bean, two beans, red bean! {taemin}
prude pistachio {sungyeol}
sour strawberry {u-kwon}
yours truly, almond
cotton candy's fluff and what not {kwangmin}
confidential cherry 
spicy cinnamon (rated M)
zesty lemon
uniquely orange {key}
of course not, butterscotch {hyunseung} 
the temptations of chocolate mint {woohyun}

I add suggestions only if I like them; I don't add every single one.

 Suggestions are welcome, but this is not a request shop.

No /yuri; I'm not good at writing those. Sorry! Oh, and enjoy your scoops/swirls of ice-cream.


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I'm still amazed at how creative this is, especially with the ice-cream analogy ^^
Chapter 1: I love the Honest Blueberry! It was so touching! Oh! and Can I suggest Infinite's SungJong for Sweet Vanilla? Thanks^^
Chapter 3: These chappies r amazing!please do continue^^ i love this storyy <3
Dubu_manknae #4
I have a suggestion:D please put it in if U like it... How about Choi MinHo for spicy cinnamon? ;)
Chapter 2: Honest Blueberry is really amazing. I love the plot and everything~ Accepting yourself and being who you are.. Thanks for the lesson in this :) *hugs* You're an amazing author.
Caramel Swirls is definitely based off a manga I've read before! :P
Girl got into a car accident, and woke up to this guy claiming to be her uncle, then finds out he was her first love, lol.

But it was pretty nice, I guess ;O
Chapter 3: i hope you can update soon! c:
don't rush yourself <3
Bittersweet Mint... Wow. You're amazing.... That made me reflect so much....
Myblackguitar #9
This is awesome!
And the caramel swirls is soo familiar to me. (I think I forgot it XP)
The other stories is good! Keep up!
Comforting café latte would fit daehyun from BAP, because his voice is soothing to the ears :P or im just too biased to him