Experiment 11


Tensions between Humans and Variants have never been higher.  Jordan Chang finds herself forced into an experiment, tasked with the mission of developing civil relations with the feral werewolf “Chen.” Will she complete her mission? Can she keep herself alive?



Experiment 11


Warning: Violence, Gore, Separation, and potential








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Chapter 27: loving it so far n ive only started reading 2 days back! hope to see updates...love-iki
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Chapter 27: Okay here is the actual comments...
So, I personally wished this experiment to having an end with all of the Variants being set free to the nature and if there's any attachment they had with the human object, should they be granted a blessings.
And although the researchers has stated that it's biologically impossible for her to bear a werewolf gene and actually give birth to a werewolf hybrid, but I think an odd occasion might just happening when you least expected it. I mean, their experiment about this human x werewolf penetration had all been doing in artificial environment which is although close to human nature, but still is nothing but a tech. Who knows what wonder human's body might bring?

Anyways, I guess those IU and YG's president is a good match made from hell. They're both cunning an pretty disturbing. I wonder why don't Jordan gang up on them once again and hack all of their system now that she is having the access....
Remembering the fact that her action on hacking YG's server alone had made IU gone crazy, a bit more push will definitely sent her to verge of wanting to kill herself out of frustration.
I really hate betrayal, and character like IU should seriously being torn apart.
So now I assume YG had been taking his action with all the soldier things, isn't he?
This is not a good sign though... If Chen were to attack the intruder, chance of media spreading the false rumor about Variants are indeed a monstrous being would spread like a plague. But if they were to surrender and obey, I think they will do all their might to separate those two love birds apart from each other; indirectly killing the werewolf.
Sigh. Some human and their disgusting nature. This is hypocrite, I am a human too, but I can't help but to agree with some of the statements here in this story. It is us who always started s and blaming it on other beings.
If human dislike their life to be intruded; to be disturbed, then what makes them thinks that it's right to mess on other beings life?
It's really funny how YG exploits the tranquil live of all Variants, making them his research objects with fortune as his motives and still got the comfortable life and high respect. Meanwhile Jordan who tried to balance out things between Human and Variants got sentenced for a crime and has to rot in jail for the rest of her life. Where did all the humanity goes? It is sick to think that power, money, and reputation outnumbered humans moral compasses... Sigh. By the way, great story there.... Indeed worth to be featured as a gem...
Chapter 27: Beautiful! The way you write is breathtaking. I find myself being absolutely moved by the pure emotion embedded within your words. I love how well you're able to intelligently carve and mold each of your characters into real people. I was so engrossed in Experiment 11 that I had to binge read it within this short 24 hours. What a fantastic read! Keep up the good work!
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Chapter 22: Chen is the cutest thing ever on earth... I hope YG will just let them be...
Chapter 27: your writing is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your hard work.
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Chapter 27: That cliffhanger tho
Chapter 27: AHHHHHHH