SINCE 1765

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Unknown to the part of the world who knew Girls' Generation and Big Bang, the two groups's leaders were arranged to be married. Since the year 1765, it was all setup, voted on, signed, and dated by a hundred village elders in the Gyeonggi province.


She couldn't believe it. She would never accept it.

"But Dad, why should I suffer when you got away from this stupid marriage arrangement?!" Taeyeon screamed at the top of her lungs, forgetting to level her voice in front of her parents.

"Because I met and married your mother by the age of 27! The Great Pact gives us offsprings the freedom to choose our own partners. You knew very well the time limit, and yet you never took it seriously!"

"But it's the 21st century for crying out loud! And besides... I... I have..." Taeyeon struggled for words, mostly because she didn't wholeheartedly believe what she was going to say.

"...I have B-Baekhyun." Did I? Really? "I'm in love with him."

"Don't humor me Kim Taeyeon. You can't possibly believe you'd marry that teenager?!"



He didn't believe it either. He would definitely refuse it too.


"Are you kidding me Dad?" Kwon Jiyong cried out through gritted teeth, almost choking in his drink. "An arranged marriage in this day and age?! Please tell me this is a joke!" This had got to be the worst news Jiyong ever received on his birthday.

"I never expected you to permanently end things with Audrie. You've been dating her for six years! I always thought you would eventually marry her, and so I never discussed The Great Pact with you. Now that you're single, and on your 28th year of age... we have no choice but to follow the elders' will."

"And marry me off with a stranger?! I'm sorry dad but I refuse! Also, what makes you so sure Audrie and I are totally over? We'll get back together again!" Will we? Really? Even Jiyong only half-heartedly believed what he just said.

"I hate to tell you this son, but... do you honestly believe Audrie will take you back after everything that has happened?"


Then, they learned something that would change their life forever. And ever. And ever.

So help me God, they both silently prayed.

"Who is this person I'm supposed to marry anyway?" Jiyong and Taeyeon asked on separate occasions, the two still adamant to disobey the centuries old tradition.

"His name is Kwon Jiyong, and he's 28 years old," answered Mr. Kim, reading from the letter his father sent him. "Your grandfather said he's a famous artist."

"Her name is Kim Taeyeon, and she's 27 years old," Mr. Kwon told his son, reading from a telegram sent by his parents. "Gramps said she's a gifted singer."

From August 18, 2015, the lives of the leaders of the nation's idol groups would never be the same again. Unknown to the part of the world who knew Girls' Generation and Big Bang, the most popular members were arranged to be married. It was all setup, voted on, signed, and dated by the village elders of the Gyeongso province. Who would have thought, right? Kwon Jiyong and Kim Taeyeon were destined to be husband and wife. It was arranged even before they were born. Since the Joseon era. Since King Yeongjo's reign. Since 250 years ago.

But will the two souls arranged to marry ever adhere to the 250-year old tradition?



Nope. Guess not. Even if it was all written in the stars.

SINCE 1765.



Here I am again, trying once more to get back in the game. I know I currently have 3 unfinished fics. Those fics were created with so much ambition. Dare I say I bit more than I could chew? It would be extremely difficult to continue them as they are all angsty, whereas I can just write something light and fluffy and warm and fuzzy, right?

So here comes SINCE 1765! Here comes another light-hearted, funny, and comedic Gtae! Of course my Gtae heart is still alive and happy, in full shipping mode. Not to mention my TopFany heart. Heck my Soshibang feels are still here, strong and kicking!!! So I would like to start another world that's just as fluffy as Just ... Really. I wouldn't put any or major angst in this one. That's the only way I can write without pressure and burden. I hope you can still support me. Support Gtae! Support Soshibang!

Also... some of you might say... arranged marriage? Really? The most cliche, overused, overwritten concept in the history of all AFF?! I couldn't agree more. But who's to say we can't imagine a cute Jiyong and Taeyeon even in such a cliche? SCANDAL was cliche immemorial, what with the impregnation and contract marriage. Yet we all fell in love with it!!! So give this one a chance too. I promise to deliver with laughters and giddiness and just all the feels that will make us all feel like teenagers again. Remember those days when Big Bang and SNSD were only 18 and 19 year olds? Gosh, even five years ago, they were just 22! Now they're freaking 25-28! We are all so old! So just ride this one with me, and let's all feel young again. Even if it's just a fantasy. Let me quote Taylor Swift for you:

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22..."


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juls27 #1
Chapter 20: I am re-reading your fanfics and then I got to the most frustrating part. The break up part. I still got the same feeling of sadness and giddy while reading your fanfics! :)
sheishei88 #2
Chapter 31: Read it again authornimm
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Chapter 32: This is another fav of my gtae story
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Chapter 33: I absolutely love this story!!!! Thank you for creating such an amazing fic
Thanks for writing this great fic! :D this gotta be one of the most amazing work when it comes to arranged marriage fic for Gtae!
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Chapter 28: Gtae is my top pairing! Thanks for bringing my favourite couple into this beautiful story. I really really really enjoy to read your fics. Love Gtae!!
Chapter 3: Yo why am I starting to feel like the pact is more like a cult lmao
jeojang91 #9
Chapter 33: done .. im already reading this for almost 20x. the best gtae fanfic..
Thank you for a fantastic, sweet story! You wrote and outlined the plot and characters very well, making it impossible not to cheer for them all. At times, the story took frustrating turns, which I know was the idea and something I compliment. I hope to enjoy more of your stories and that you continue to write about GTae~

Again, thank you!